2011 Northern Lower Michigan Expedition
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Here are the highlights for the 2011 northern lower michigan BFRO public Expedition. It will take time to pour over all the audio and analyze the Thermal footage. We can add links to that as they become available.
Don Peer
BFRO Michigan Investigator

Tuesday, August 23rd:
BFRO Investigator Caroline Curtis and her kids went to the cabins/campground to meet and greet and take advantage of electricity. She got a feel for the area and endured a strong thunder storm that rolled through the area. Expedition members Nathan and Vance, a father/son team showed up and decided to camp at base camp by themselves. They reported a possible rock being thrown through base camp, stating that the rock could be heard hitting tree limbs and then bouncing as it hit the ground. Only one expeditioner and his son chose to sleep in one of these cabins, the rest stayed in and around base camp.

Wednesday, August 24th:
BFRO Investigator Don Peer showed up at base camp, as did a couple expedition members who decided to come a day early. Further scouting, setting up campsites was in order. Some expedition members decided to walk to the Ausable river which was a little over a mile away. They were gone for a few hours and when they came back, they reported possible wood knocks near the river. They decided to walk back to the river and make a satellite camp there. It should be noted that to get to the river, it was only possible to travel by foot. A second group of people including BFRO Investigators Don Peer and Caroline Curtis and her boys left base camp around 7pm and walked toward the Ausable river. While walking north towards the river, Investigator Don Peer and a teenage expedition member both seen a large, dark shape that appeared to disappear into the trees, without noise or moving any foilage. It was a very brief sighting and was impossible to call it sasquatch related. As both people seen it and agreed upon its' appearance, it is worth noting however.
It seemed to be around 6 feet tall and large. The sighting only lasted a second or so. The group with BFRO investigators Caroline Curtis and Don Peer ran out of light and decided to turn back to base camp. They met up with the first group on the way back. The first group returned to the river and decided to stay there the duration of the trip.
Upon returning to base camp, notes were compared and noted. Some small treks were done in the area around base camp but nothing further was noted. It was a very quiet night with little sounds of wildlife. There was no moon and when there was cloud cover, it was especially hard to see in the dark.

Thursday, August 25th:
Further expedition members trickled into base camp throughout the day. Much of the day was spent setting up camps and scouting the immediate area by expedition members. It should be noted that base camp had a very nice little trout stream directly behind it with a beaver dam and a couple expedition members, especially John from louisiana, directed some effort at the brook trout that inhabited the stream. It is thought that the stream is an important water source for the sasquatch in the area. BFRO investigators Bernie G. , Fred Greca, Randy Scott and Bill Creason and his mother, Joyce showed up throughout the day.
Thursday morning had approximately 4 separate groups of bear hunters running their dogs all over near base camp. This was bad news for us as the dogs were feared to possibly scare all wildlife in the area, including any sasquatch in the area. One bear dog even wandered through the middle of base camp. By 1pm all bear dogs and hunters were gone from the immediate area. It should be noted that the hunters were training their dogs and not actually hunting bear. By michigan law, they are allowed to run their dogs and put out bait for bear, but not carry firearms.
Thursday Night: A party with BFRO investigator Bill Creason and some expedition members walked some power lines north of base camp. A second party with BFRO investigators Don Peer, Fred Greca, and Randy Scott along with several expedition members, walked a trail that went along a swamp and is where BFRO investigator Don Peer found a 20 inch sasquatch track 2 weeks previous while scouting the area.
Some howl and screams were done with one particular scream getting a response to the northeast of the location. The response started as a moan/wail and ended with a yipping of a coyote. It was debated whether it was a sasquatch and coyote together or just a coyote. I have never heard the sound at the beginning of the response made by a coyote and a group led by investigator Bernie G. to our east also heard it and agreed it was a moan/wail in the beginning. A few wood knocks were also tried with no response to them.
Investigator Caroline Curtis and several expeditioners walked the trail to the river to visit the river group and took a wrong turn. A human like whistle was heard by several members of her group, just off the trail, that was heard as the entire group stopped to listen. The hikers came across four trees that had fallen directly across this trail that was walked on the night before. The trees were laying across the trail directly on top of each other, one of the trees was alive at the time. It was decided to take a better look in daylight. The next day it was determined that the trees had not been there the night before. It was also determined by several attendees that one of the dead trees must have fallen, taking the other trees with it. The group found the right trail and visited with the river camp before heading back.
Everybody returned to their cdamps and we were done with night maneuvers by around 1:30 am. Nothing further was noted on thursday night.

Friday, August 26th:
Everyone relaxed around the base camp and satellite camps in the morning. In early afternoon Investigator Bill Creason led a group to an area approximately 5 miles to the west to check out a series of trails found on a map that paralleled the Ausable river. These were found to be on private property and no further exploration of this area was done. Two separate groups headed towards the area that the creek at base camp originated at. One group with investigators Fred Greca and Bernie G. went to the origin of the creek, coming in from the southeast. The second group led by investigator Don Peer went to a two track that was abandoned and had become overgrown. Along this trail, several evergreen trees were found snapped and twisted at a height of 4 to 5 feet off the ground. Several hair samples were found on the trees right at the sights of the breaks. Several hair samples were collected and each sample from each tree appeared similar to each other. It should be noted that except for one tree, all hair was found at the site of the twists/breaks at 4 to 5 feet off the ground, which seemed improbable for a bear. One expedition member works in a labratory and took several samples to study there and compare with known bear hair samples. One tree had a double twist/break on it.
At around 6pm friday night investigator Caroline Curtis cooked brats and hotdogs and other expedition members contributed with pasta, salsa and other goodies for a warm, hearty meal. The Sierra sounds were played loudly as folks ate. We experienced a brief rain shower, but two rain systems split and went to the north and south of us.
At 7:40 pm two expedition members showed up, running a day behind. Investigator Don Peer took them about a mile south of base camp to a trail just to the west of where the tree twists are to set up their camp. They would be the only people camped in that area. Around 9pm a female expedition member was using the base camp toilet which was on the north end of base camp and bordered a thicket and creek bed. She reported a grunt/growl and hard time breathing along with a strange feeling coming over her. Her father who was nearby, also noted feeling picking up a strange sensation. It was scanned with a handheld thermal unit by investigator Randy Scott and nother was spotted. Several groups broke off to scout around 10pm. One group went to the river and planned to stay there once arriving, as they were camped there.
Investigator Bernie G. took a group to the southeast of base camp and walked a trail system there. Investigator Don Peer took a group back to the overgrown trail with the twisted trees on it. At around 11pm Investigator Bernie G. reported howls to the southeast. The goup with investigator Don Peer, Fred Greca, and Randy Scott was just to the northwest and did not hear them. The group with investigator Bernie G. and Bill Creason heard the howl and investigator Bill Creason was scanning the area with his red headlamp and spotted a set of eyes illuminated very close to the ground. He reported that they were very far apart, much more so than a deer or bear, but quite large. He watched them for several seconds and briefly turned his head and when he looked back, they were gone. He then heard footfalls leading away by whatever the eyes belonged to.
The group with investigators Fred Greca, Randy Scott and Don Peer followed the tree twist trail all the way to a main dirt road. We also had a group in a vehicle with a rooftop R2D2 thermal unit and recorder slowly driving and scanning the surrounding dirt roads. This group reported being stopped by a local forest ranger who checked to see what they were up to. They were checked out and allowed to continue. The group with Investigators Don Peer, Fred Greca, and Randy Scott walked the 3 miles back to base camp, following the main dirt roads. Investigator Randy Scott was in the lead. As he came to an intersection and turned north to base camp, he reported being screamed at by something to the west side of the road. A group of expeditioners were in the middle. They reported being paralleled by something on the same stretch of road.
Investigators Don Peer and Fred Greca stopped and visited with the forest ranger who was patrolling the area for about 15 minutes and fell behind the rest of the group. It should be noted that the forest ranger was very cordial and supportive of our efforts. We told him of the bear hunters training the dogs in the area and he stated it is very common this time of the year. Investigator Don and Fred walked to catch up with the middle group and heard two instances of sticks breaking in the same general area Investigator Randy Scott got screamed at. This is the same area where Investigator Don Peer got paralleled by something while scouting by himself on foot back in may at nighttime.
The group with the roof top thermal unit got footage of several deer and one piece of footage showed what looked like something close to the ground that suddenly stands up and walks away when approached from somebody in the truck who got out on foot to investigate. Further review of the thermal footage is ongoing. The river group with investigator Caroline Curtis reported she did a scream/howl close to the river and in response were three classic whoops to the northwest and coyotes who were a little too close for comfort responded to the northeast. The whoops were recorded and we are awaiting those results. On the way back, Nathaniel and Vance visited the river group and met up with the others at base camp.
The group with Bernie G. reported they had 5 different howls that sounded squatch like. The first one being at 10:05 and the last being at 10:47. The first was from the west, with a response to the southeast. Three more were heard from the southeast.
At approximately 2:30 am investigator Don Peer and Bernie G., along with expedition member Mike, returned to the site of the earlier screams, stick snapping and paralleling on the main dirt road. They drove to within a half mile of the location and walked to the location and about a half mile past it. Nothing was noted and they returned to base camp around 3:15am. Don Peer and Bernie G. returned to their satellite camp on the trail where the 20 inch track was found. They turned on their digital recorders and retired to their tents. At around 3:45 am a very distinct, classic whoop was heard to the northeast, very close. Investigator Randy Scott, who was sleeping in a hammock at the same camp also heard it. Everyone went to sleep at this point.

Saturday, August 27th:
More bear dogs in the area. The river group reported the dogs ran all the way north to the river and they were heard running east of base camp. A pickup truck was noted driving by base camp several times with an antena being held out the window of the truck looking to retrieve a dog. All the bear dogs had GPS collars on so they could be located by their handlers. We were dreading that they may have stirred all squatches in the area and we were anxious at what the coming night would bring.
Investigator Don Peer took a group including investigators Caroline and Bernie to the trail with the tree twists. This was early afternoon. At approximately 3:15pm, Expedition member John who was behind base camp doing a little trout fishing, radioed and stated he was just growled at. He continued to fish a little bit and decided to return to camp. It should be noted that this is the same general area of thicket and creekbed where the woman experienced the sounds and strange feelings while using the toilet. It is a very thick area and almost impossible for a person to walk through. John reported that he sank up to his chest at one point while walking in the area.
Possible impressions in some mud just off the trail were examined. More hair was collected from twisted trees by the group on the trail, including one large clump, which was closer to the ground. A ridge was explored to the south of the tree twist trail with no results. At around 5pm people started to eat dinner and get ready for the night.
On saturday night we left base camp around 10pm. A group drove around with the roof top R2D2 thermal unit . Expedition member Joe used his truck for this. After friday nights' possible thermal hit, they were excited about what they may find. Bernie, Don, Bill and a group headed to a trail southeast of base camp and southeast of the tree twist trail. Investigators Fred and Randy stayed at their satellite camp with a handheld thermal and parabolic dish. The group staying at the river reported that they walked towards the river and came across three logs across the trail. Upon their return trip a half hour later, they reported an additional log that was not there before.
Sometime shortly after 11pm the group with the roof top thermal called excitedly on the radio that they needed assistance and had something big going on. The group with Investigators Don, Bernie and Bill were about a half mile to the east on foot so they headed tha way.
Near the head of the tree twist trail they med up with the group in the truck with the thermal. They excitedly reported that they seen a small blip on the thermal and sent expedition member Ken out on foot to investigate, similarly to what was done the night before. When Ken got into the woods approximatley 20 yards, the woods suddenly exploded in what they described as primate chatter. They described it as the sound chimpanzees make in a zoo when they are angry or excited. At the same time the blip on thermal appeared to stand up and step over a log and disappear in the trees. This was recorded and is being analyzed.
The people from the truck who went on foot, reported that it sounded like 1 to 3 animals in the middle with one flanking each side east and west. Shortly after, Jason, who was in the truck watching the thermal seen something suddenly run across the road, upright on two legs. This was not recorded as it happened too fast and they were still waiting and watching the people on foot in the woods to their north. Upon the group on foot reaching them, the road was searched for recent footprints, without success. The thermal unit was taken back to base camp and downloaded into a laptop to study. A group of investigators and expedition members then went back to the location to try and re-enact the event. As this was being done, a group walked to the east on the road. At this time more of the primate chatter was heard in the woods. It is not known if this was recorded yet, as there are many hours of recording time to go over yet. After the reenactment was complete, all people returned to their perspective camps for the night. Expedition member Joyce Creason reported hearing what sounded like two chimpanzees fighting in the marsh behind base camp. Around this same time another expeditioner north of the marsh reported hearing a strange vocalization of what sounded like something in pain coming from the meadow. Matt reported hearing a possible scream northwest of base camp in the early morning hours.

Sunday, August 28th:
Sunday was spent packing up camps and saying goodbye to each other. This was a great expedition and after a slow start on thursday, really ended up with some great results. Several BFRO Investigators reported that this was the most active expedition they have ever been on. The thermal footage will be analyzed and if there is something to it, it will be made public for all to see. Special shout out to Nathaniel for his enthusiasim and energy. With some practice, he will make a great squatcher. This area will be investigated again in the future and we will refine methods tried here.
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What an exciting report! Thanks for sharing. I sure hope some investigations can be made in the very near future and reported back here. What an awsome event to be among a troop of Sasquatch. It would be great if you could experience that again.

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That certainly had to freak the squatches out, seeing a person emerge from a vehicle and walk right toward where they were hiding.

Question for Don, was Ken using a light when he walked into the woods, or was he completely blacked out?
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If I remember right, he had no light. He was being directed via radio from the guys in the truck monitoring the thermal.

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Don there was only one crossing the road and it was on 2 legs not four. I just saw it in the middle of the road crossing to the trucks right.
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This is Ken, I was wearing a hat that had two LED lights built into the bill of the hat. I did'nt turn it on until I was in the woods being directed via radio. The vocalizations were awesome, and put me on high alert. I wish I would of had a hand held thermal at the time.
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I was about 500 meters from Saturday's R2 imaging with Don and Bernie when the call came in w/ activity. We hoofed it over and searched for tracks. Finding none at the time we went back to camp. I attempted to video the reaction of the group as we saw the thermal images for the first time from the back of Caroline's truck but all I got was audio. I should have kept it because it was pretty intense. While it could very well prove to be a "normal" woodland creature the tactics used and the techniques followed will (if not today) yield undeniable evidence. I must admit that I wasn't sure what had occured that night until Caroline, Bernie, Labguy, and myself were standing darked-out in the road @ about 3 am after filming the recreation and we heard "primate chatter." I am sold. There was something out there and I have searched online to find a similar sound from owls to porcupines and have yet to trace it. The organizers of this trip were phenominal and the guys who worked the R2 unit were calm and collected...more so than I might have been. Northern Michigan showed great promise for future study. Please help keep the location out of the main stream as we need like-minded people to be there rather than the alternative.

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dpeer wrote:
If I remember right, he had no light. He was being directed via radio from the guys in the truck monitoring the thermal.

I updated the report and reworded it.

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Outstanding, thanks for posting the notes. We will be hoping to see the links for the thermal and the audio. Nice job, y'all.

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Great report and thanks for sharing. I was very happy to read this was in the northern lower peninsula. For some reason, when I saw info on the Michigan expedition, I just assumed it would be in the U.P. I have family that has land in Gladwin, Grand Traverse, Wexford, and Ogemaw counties. Will tell them to keep their eyes and ears open!

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Great report DP! Know the area! We used to hunt above Hale on the river! Beth; Wexford is great as well! Our little team will do some bow hunting and investigating up on The Manistee this fall! Seeing some action in Washtenaw takes us close to home as my son lives right in the middle of Hell! Actual town! I can't help believe that BFRO is picking up fans by the droves with the advent of TV. Folks that had no idea what they were seeing or hearing are coming "OUT OF THE WOODWORK"! Me being one of them from thirty years ago! Keep up the good work!

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I'm familiar with Hell. :o) Mom grew up in Chelsea, and we have family in Dexter, Manchester, Pinckney. I've always thought all the sightings in Washtenaw County are amazing. Go Michigan!

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i think one was curios
I'm interested in Bigfoot

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Great Reporting, Kept me on the edge of my seat.................Thanks
Wish I knew then what I know now.

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It should be noted that the first thermal was deemed as unknown. Some thought it was something going from 4 legs to two legs. Others thought it was a deer. It just wasnt' clear enough to tell after many, many times of watching it. There were too many trees blocking to tell anything. The second was definately something on four legs with a tail and not sasquatch related. I called it a porcupine. If we would have had something that we could have possibly called sasquatch related on the thermal we would have added a clip to post for viewers. As there is no such proof, we will not be releasing the cllips.
Don Peer
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