IOWA 2014 Big River Expedition
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The 2014 Iowa Big River Expedition: April 29th through May 4th.

Attendees included BFRO investigators Bob B, Matt M, Val A, Eric A, Eric L, Mike C, Adam N, Scott M, Rick R, Chris C, Gerry O, Kevin O and Steve M, BFRO members Paul L, Kathy V, Terry S, Richard S, Brain W, Anthony S, Mary H, Jane M and Tom and Myles M, new members Chris R, Michelle T, Keli A, Rob A, Hans W, Rolf J, Kyle B, Dennis and Michael W, Linda B, Betsy N, Lou and Danae P, Amy B, Tama B, Nick R, and Honorary Ambassador of the Pacific Northwest Patrick C. In all there were forty-two attendees.

This report is written by Steve Moon (M), BFRO investigator and expedition coordinator. All content is copyedited by Steve for readability and consistency, without further alteration. Original content is archived.

UPDATE: photos added on 9.4.14.
UPDATE: sound file and photo of overlook recording by BB, and sound file and photo of Friday night op 2 by SM added on 9.10.14

Many memorable night ops and daytime experiences are not reported here. These are a few of the highlights, as reported by attendees. The Iowa expeditions that I’ve conducted have been possible only because of the generosity of fellow BFRO investigators, team members, and all who attend. We all share an intense interest in sasquatch, and we shared a synergistic experience during the brief few days of the expedition.

In late February Paul L spent an evening scouting the expedition site…

PL - “At around 11pm I walked straight up a trail that paralleled a road for a hundred yards or so until I hit the first bend in the trail. The trail split from the road and started to bend to the right then back left before straightening out. I stopped for 10 minutes and let out a couple of fairly loud knocks that carried a long ways. I waited and listened, showed my apples, and then got real quiet to listen. There was roughly over a foot of snow on the ground with a pretty good crunch. I focused on looking up the hill just left of the trail in a big trench, and to the left and right of me. I saw multiple small blue-white and red eyeglow coming from close to the trench on the left side of the trail, up the hill. The eyes were above where I was standing. Then straight to my left I heard one big home run knock on top of the hill, maybe a hundred yards away. I knocked back, didn't hear anything, waited a few more minutes, and started walking slow and soft. Then about forty yards to my right there was a good solid medium knock. It was so close it made the hair on my neck stand straight up, and sent a chill up my spine. It freaked me out. I started up the trail. I walked another seventy-five yards, stepped off the trail and headed up the right side of the valley. I walked about thirty yards or so in calf-high snow and found a large tree, and set the apples and honey behind the tree hidden from the trail. I again showed off the apples and honey before setting them down. I made a knock and headed back down to the trail. I had probably gotten forty yards up the trail and thought I was hearing movement. I saw two large blue-white eyes looking at me, roughly fifteen yards from the tree where I deposited the apples and honey. It blinked, and swayed back and forth. After the hike I checked for light sources in the distance that could throw me off, and there were none.”

M - On March 7th and 8th six BFRO investigators gathered for a scouting weekend organized by Matt E. Camping was in a foot of snow, and temps were in the mid-teens at night. For two hours on Saturday night five investigators watched as blue and red glowing points of light played back and forth on the side of a ridge. At least three of us observed a pair of glowing blue eyes look down, faintly illuminating the snow on the slope below. It was very exciting that we were able to corroborate each other’s observations.

Snowshoeing in early March – photo by Steve Moon


Oddly, there were no wood knocks heard in early March. Not a single one. In late February Paul had heard a lot of wood knocks, which was no surprise. And by the time the expedition rolled around in early May there were again almost no wood knocks. There were only about three observations of knocking in the six days and five nights of the expedition. This behavioral change is an anomaly that we have not encountered in the past, and that we cannot explain.

We observed more than the usual amount of eyeglow prior to and during the expedition. We also observed the expected manipulation of trees and brush, as well as a fairly typical set of vocalizations. These observations may indicate a temporary sub-regional avoidance of knocking, preferring instead any other form of communication. I speculate that our continuing presence and interaction with the sasquatch at this location might have something to do with it. This was the second consecutive annual BFRO public expedition at this location, and we have scouted the area consistently for about four years.

Winter had been long and cold, and we were beginning to think that it would never warm up. As luck would have it, a pattern of snow, wind and rain pushed eastward on Thursday morning, leaving behind it fairly dry conditions with moderate winds. Leaves on the deciduous trees that dominate the landscape were just beginning to bud, and visibility through the woods was outstanding. Hardwoods dominate the area, mixed with groves of planted white pine. The moon was new on April 29th, and the nights were dark with the exception of some light pollution bouncing off of the underside of low clouds.

A wooded ravine - photo by Rolph J.


Scouting began on Wednesday. Bob B describes a print that he found near base camp…

BB - “After arriving at basecamp and setting up, I decided to explore the creek area behind a site where a track was found in October 2013. I walked a short path and close to the creek discovered a track which was diagonal on the path.”

Bob B with the print cast he made near base camp on Wednesday morning. Photo by Coop.


BB - "On Wednesday evening early arrivals gathered at Val's campsite to watch flickers of possible eyeglow on the bluff across the creek.”

M - Patrick C, aka “Coop” on the blue board, joined us from Washington State as our Honorary Ambassador of the Pacific Northwest. Here is Coop’s account of our arrival that evening…

PC - “I arrived at camp with Steve at twilight. Steve was driving and this was my first time to the camp so I really didn’t know what to expect. Steve pointed out that the campground was just ahead after we pulled off the main road. I was looking out the passenger window on the right when I may have seen possible eyeglow northeast of the entrance road as we drove towards camp. I observed one white round light in the forest that seemed to be moving. The light wasn’t projecting any beam like a headlamp would, but reminded me of a small white Christmas light floating through the woods. At first I thought it must have been a light from the campground, or somebody gathering firewood with a headlamp on, but when we continued further down the road a couple of hundred feet more, I realized it was not a campground light. I looked back into the forest where I thought the light had been but did not see the light anymore. After we parked, Steve introduced me to Val and I asked her if anybody was up in that section of the woods and she didn’t think there was, and everybody was accounted for at camp.”

M - During the expedition many interesting stick structures were found and studied. Here is a comparison of two structures, one from the Iowa expedition and the state of Washington, produced by Pat C. Coop explains…

PC – “I was just going through the photos last night and noticed that an asterisk found at the expedition is nearly identical to one I found here last winter.”


M - On Thursday afternoon Bob B, Mary H and Jane M deployed audio recorders. Bob describes a possible sighting at one location…

BB - “Thursday afternoon, around 5:00 pm, Mary, Jane, and I placed recorders out on a loop and an overlook. We first placed the recorder at the overlook facing in the general direction of the loop, and then proceeded to the loop. We parked at the headway of a two-track just off the south loop path which leads to the primitive campsites. We hiked the path a short distance when Mary found a rotted tree which had been broken in three pieces, and one piece stabbed into the ground. She pulled it out and dropped it on the other two pieces, making a very loud wood knock sound. Shortly after that ruckus Jane observed a brown spot which appeared to be moving back and forth between two trees. I observed the same moving spot. I made a mental note of the direction we were looking, which was easy because there are four trees which line up like a sight, and the spot was slowly moving in the center of them. A second spot was observed, but was moss on the side of a birch tree. When I went back the next morning to retrieve my recorder I easily found the moss, but the brown spot was not there. I used binoculars to zoom into the area of the brown spot, and there was no corresponding tree blotch to easily explain away what we saw.”

M - On Friday Bob retrieved his recorders, and later analyzed the files. Here is his description of a recording that he captured on Friday morning, and a selection from that sound file.

BB – “I found one really faint or muffled knock, and this. Not sure what to make of it. I don't think it's mechanical, and it's not a cow because cows say "moooo". A few minutes before it, there was an owl. It happened about 5:00 am Friday morning.”


Here is a spectrogram view of Bob's file.


Bob B recorded a muffled wood knock on the overlook above base camp on early Friday morning. Keli A describes a series of knocks that she and her brother Rob heard on Friday morning. These are two of three known instances of the occurrence of wood knocks during the expedition…

KA – “On Friday morning, my brother Rob and I went back to see the area of our first op on Thursday night. We went down a trail to a place where we thought we had heard three grunts the night before. I played the nuns and the monk’s chants and then Rob went down and sat on a log as I went up a hill and sat. We were within eyesight of each other. After a few minutes of silence I heard wood taps like a small branch on a tree trunk. They were intermittent with no special pattern. They would stop for a couple of minutes and then there would be three or four more groups of taps. They were down past Rob and he wasn't hearing them. They were coming from his left side and he doesn't hear well out of that ear. After a few minutes it seemed as if the tree taps had moved 20-30 feet further behind Rob's left, to his back, about the same distance away. I finally walked down to him and asked if he hadn't heard it. I no sooner asked him, and a short series of taps started again, even further to Rob's back. He heard those. It wasn't two "tappers" responding to each other. It seemed like just one, and over about a 15 minute period there seemed to be three sets of these taps that lasted about ten seconds each. Each set was a different pattern of taps. These were not anything associated with wood chopping or any tool. It was wood on wood. It wasn't until we got back to camp that it occurred to me that maybe whatever was tapping was trying to elicit a response from us.”

M - On Thursday night we had a cookout provided by Paul Lane. We gathered at a small county park that is along the same creek that base camp is on. The picnic site was three miles up valley from base camp. Richard S describes our gathering…

RS - “The Thursday cookout was held near the expedition site. At 6PM Steve Moon did introductions and the cookout was provided by Paul. I traveled with Paul and assisted him with serving food to the 40 plus participants of the expedition. We had been grilling since 5PM to prepare hamburgers, BBQ pork shanks and Guinness brats. As Steve was finishing his introductions a loud crack could be heard coming from across the river. A large tree then fell as the expedition members watched. A group quickly looked to see if it was a Sasquatch. The next day, Friday, a print was cast in the area that the tree had fallen.”

Mary H next to the tree that came down during the cookout. Photo by Steve Moon.


Here is Bob’s account of a Thursday night op…

BB - “A large group hiked through a hollow, led by Val. It's a flat, easy walk between large hills. We made our presence known throughout the hike, talking and basically not acting like hunters. It seemed to work as most everyone saw flickers of red and blue lights come down from the hills and move toward us. We only encountered eye glow. No knocks, whoops, or other vocalizations.”

M – Here is a photo taken by Tama B in the darkness of the hollow that night. In it you can see a beam of blue light from a barge on a nearby “big river”.


M - On Friday and Saturday scouting trips took place in the mornings and afternoons. From noon to about 2:00 pm each day presentations and discussion were held at base camp. Topics included audio recording, print casting, stick structures, eyeglow, thermal imaging, photography, infrasound, and miscellaneous theoretical ideas. I distributed print casting kits to all in attendance.

Steve Moon showing a print cast during a presentation. Photo by Rolf J.


M - A variety of vocalizations were heard during the expedition. Here is a recording that I captured from just inside the pine grove adjacent to base camp at around 9:00 pm on Friday evening. It sounds like a really bad owl imitation.


Here is a spectrogram view of that vocalization.


Richard S describes an incident that occurred on Friday night, on a steep trail along a running stream in a deep valley…

RS - “That evening I joined Steve, Paul and a large group who set off on night ops on a trail loop. We staggered in groups as we ascended a very steep trail in almost complete darkness. We stopped and looked for eyeglow periodically. It didn’t take long to start seeing some peeking around trees, and decent eyeglow from a distance. Steve, Paul and I stayed behind from the group at about halfway to the top and sat on a log. The darkness around us had a bioluminescence that I have not seen before. There was a blue-greenish light glow that seemed to float and descend. These were smaller bioluminescence in great numbers and seemed to be all over the opposite ridge.
An expedition member commented the following day that an insect that glows is known to inhabit the site. On Saturday night I spotted one on a trail with Pat (Coop) and Paul. It was a small ˝ cm bluish green glow sticking out of a deciduous tree about five feet from the ground. Paul extracted the insect and we brought it back to camp. I did a little research and was able to discern that the glow worm Coleopteran, order Beetles, family Lampyridae (a firefly) wingless adult females glow greenish blue, using bioluminescence to attract flying males, who also glow. They live only a few days and are commonly seen after a rainfall. This is my hypothesis; we had virtually perfect conditions on Thursday night to observe the glow worm’s bioluminescent mating. I believe that we observed a real phenomenon of the insect world. In addition there were sas eyeglow present, too.”

M - I sat on that log with Paul and Richard on Friday night seeing this bluish fog and not believing my eyes. I felt like I was going crazy. I still don’t know what it was. Search lights from barge traffic on a nearby river reflected off of low lying clouds, adding further confusion. My feeling is that the glowing clouds were somehow optically produced by the blue eyeglow that we were also seeing, perhaps as a result of the presence of a lot of humidity in the air. I recall observing a spot of blue eyeglow in the middle of each cloud just as it formed. Then the blue clouds would seem to decay and fall, portions turning a purplish-blue, reminding me of light shows of the 60s psychedelic period. I guess we’ll never know exactly what we were seeing. It was a bizarre moment, to be sure.

At the same time that this was occurring on Friday night, a group returned to the ridge top on the other side of a large valley from the location above, where there had been considerable activity the night before. Keli A had requested that the makeup of the group remain the same as the night before. Keli and her brother Rob are both psychics with abilities that include animal communication. Keli had reported communicating with the sasquatch at the expedition site from several states away prior to the expedition. She was the recipient of a stream of consciousness letter, several pages in length, regarding the expedition. Keli typed the letter prior to the expedition and handed a copy to me in a sealed envelope during the expedition. I have not opened the letter at the time of this writing, but will upon publication of this report. Keli stated that her night ops on Thursday and Friday nights were inspired by these psychic communications. Here is an account of the Keli’s Friday night op by Jane M…

JM - “Keli, Mary, and I sat in the woods next to a clearing on Friday evening, on a trail. The men went on down the trail. Keli played the Hymn to St. John the Baptist. I saw blue eyeglow from a distance to my right at 2:00 moving to my 10:00. I then looked up and spotted large bright yellow-white eyeglow 25 feet from us at my 11:00. The large yellow-white eyeglow was 8-8 ˝ feet above the ground. As Keli played the Gregorian chants, I noticed intermittent blue, white, and yellow eyeglow that varied from a distance of 35 to 45 feet. We sang to entertain them and also chatted. The entire time there were four to five pair of eyeglow. At one point I heard something softly moving closer to us, within 15 feet, and Keli commented that something was moving closer. The eyeglow lasted for about 20 to 25 minutes and ceased when Chris came up and asked if we were ready to move on. Rolf noticed eyeglow from the trail, but it was only one eye, and it appeared to move and blink. When we were on the trail heading back I heard a twig snap behind my right side.”

Chris C provides his take the observations made by the ladies in the clearing. Chris was on the two consecutive Thursday and Friday night ops, and was using a good quality FLIR Scout thermal imager…

CC – “Thursday Night op with Eric, Chris, Anthony, Mary, Jane, Rob, Keli, and Rolfe: We hiked an upper trail. Light whoops were made with no response. Mild grunts were heard by Rob and Keli. Strange lights that lit up the horizon were observed. It was later thought that these could have been lights from a barge reflected somehow...
A footprint was discovered, marked, and cast (Rob's find). Numerous stationary artificial light sources surrounded the area, and could be observed on three of the four sides of this op (yellow, red, and blueish in color). It was very quiet with very minimal animal and bug noise.

Friday Night op: We repeated the same mission as the previous night, with the same cast of squatchers, at the insistence of Keli who was sensitive to the sasquatches and could communicate with them. Apparently the squatches told her that if the same group returned the following night, playtime would occur. We arrived at around 9pm and stayed till midnight. It was clear with a quarter crescent moon and in the mid-40s F. The girls sat in a pine grove and played the hymn of St. John the Baptist (sang by Gregorian monks) and Christmas carols, all projecting good vibes. Numerous sets of eyeglow (red, yellow, blue) were seen, along with a shadowy figure or two among the trees, and stick pops and possible footfalls were heard. Yet, the whole area was being thermed by Chris and Anthony, and nothing was seen or heard to indicate any sasquatch presence. It should be noted that the eyeglow being seen was the same colors as the previously noted artificial lights observed on the horizon. Could anything of crept up the cliff, mimicked the already noted colored lights, and stayed invisible to the FLIR?

Rob saw a shadow (squatch like shape) move between the trees on the opposite side of the field from the women. Rolfe witnessed the same colored lights as previously noted and was stationed 200 yards directly east of the girls' position. Chris and Anthony were stationed in the center of a field by a large woodpile between the women and Rob and Eric. Chris, Eric, Rob, and Anthony heard four or five grunts somewhere in the timber just west of Eric and Rob's roving position. It may have been an animal or road noise (semi downshifting) which could be heard at this location at all times. The crescent moon was mistaken for eyeglow through the trees.

My observations include nothing seen on the FLIR and an end to any eyeglow/shine once the clouds rolled in and covered up the stars. My FLIR did not pick up any squatch heat signatures. However, it did pick squatchers, bugs, deer, and warm rocks. My conclusions differ from many of my fellow expeditioners, but that is the purpose of science; to ask questions and study differing opinions.

My skepticism regarding eye shine/eyeglow does not mean that I do not believe in this happening. I do in fact concur that these two events happen. However, I believe that we need to study it more (field work and academic wise) before we toss around some of the possible conclusions that have sprouted up.

Scot M shares a recording he made during a light Friday night op…

SM – “On the Friday night Op 1 my group started out heading west along a trail to converge with two other groups up on the bluff. On the return I recorded this. It's a 45 second clip containing at least four audible whoops. This was taken from a three minute sequence containing at least fifteen whoops. All whoops seemed to be fairly consistent.”

This is a slightly shortened version of Scott's file, with three whoops clearly audible...


Here is a spectrogram view of Scott's sound file...


At another location on Friday evening Terry S was bluff-charge. Here he relates that experience…

TS - On Friday night, first op, I went on a road across from camp with Paul, Richard and Pat (Coop). We went down the road to the trail marker, and Paul, Richard and Pat left the trail to go into a ravine. I stayed on the road due to my bad knee. I did not want to injure myself at night. I saw Paul light a glow stick to mark their trail back. After a while I saw a greenish blue light and asked Paul via radio what I had seen and he stated that he had lit another glow stick that was green. After a few minutes I started back towards Paul’s van with the hillside to my right and the trees and river to my left. About half way back to the van I heard a low growl to my left. I walked another ten to fifteen feet when I heard another growl to my left. I walked a few more feet when to my right I heard something coming down the hill making lots of noise, with trees breaking and being pushed down. I continued to walk very quickly back to the van. I did not see what was making the noise.”

Coop reported on his Friday night ops, including the bluff charge that targeted Terry…

PC - “That night, I went out with Paul, Rich and Terry, to what we all referred to as the Land of the Lost. Terry, Paul and Rich had scouted the area earlier in the day and marked out the entry point and plan. We walked along the creek trail that night, and then Terry waited before heading back. Paul and Rich led the way up the small valley along a game trail and used glow sticks from time to time to light our way back out, which worked great. We made it quite a ways up and I saw some eyeglow coming off the hillside. This was happening halfway down below the ridgeline and could not be confused with any distant farm lights. There was solid hillside behind it. We cut off the encounter and went back to check on Terry since we had lost radio communication. When we got back to the van Terry told us he had had a bluff charge type encounter; he heard some grunts and then something running down the hillside and he wisely retreated out of the area.

We ended up at the overlook, to look at the scratch marks in the limestone there. Paul did a tremendous howl into the valley below the lookout at 12:15 am. We sat back and just enjoyed the stars and talked for a spell, and in about 15 or 20 minutes, we started getting eyeglow around us. I had a jaw harp and did some twanging on it. It seemed to elicit a response. I played three different times, and then joked that I had to do an encore. Nothing happened after that. I guess the old adage is true, always leave them wanting more.

Before hitting the sack at 1:30 I headed to the pit toilet and thought I saw blue eyeglow ducking down behind the pop-up camper trailer of a recent addition to the campground who were non-expedition members. It might be important to note that two members of this camping party were female.

Steve told me the next day that he thought he saw shadows on his tent the previous night and described seeing a distinctly hand shaped shadow pass by.” (reported below - M)

Rick R describes a late Friday night op…

RR - ”On Friday night nine of us followed a road parallel to a creek. Our group included me, Eric, Hans, Mike C., Matt, and four others. We parked two pickup trucks and sat on chairs in the road observing, with a marsh area on one side and a canyon wall on the other, which rose approx. 200' above us. We lit glow sticks and used binoculars to watch the area. After an hour of no activity we decided to drive another 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile further, and stopped to repeat the operation. Again we focused on the ridge line of the canyon, outlined by the sky and stars. We made occasional whoop calls and waited. Individuals in our group began noticing blue eyeglow in pairs, 3/4 of the way up the canyon wall, moving, almost descending from the above canyon top. The eyeglow was showing up in many places on and off, in pairs, occasionally singular, and moving laterally along the side wall of the canyon. This continued for almost an hour, as we also observed:
- movement heard in leaves, rustling, from the area of the eyeglow and along the side of the canyon wall
- heard grunts and breathing noises coming from the direction of the eyeglow
- with binoculars, we could see the outlines of heads and shoulders in the eyeglow area, the light being given off, bright enough that we could make out the shapes of creatures (one individual in the group drew and presented a picture of this in our camp debrief the next day)
- saw eyeglow blink on and off in pairs, turn sideways, and reappear in adjacent areas as if trying to get better views of our group from their elevated vantage point up on the side walls, jockeying for position above us - it appeared as if they were communicating with each other via eyeglow at times
- counting the sets of eyeglow being observed, I estimated as many as 4 to 6 creatures moving along the sidewall above us
- coyotes went nuts yowling just north of us
Eventually the eyeglow stopped, as it appeared whatever made it had moved along the ridge to the North, away from our group below.

The next day our group visited the spot in the daylight to try and make sense of what we had observed. Three of us ascended the canyon wall and found a ridge line 3/4 of the way up (approx. 150'), that ran along the side of the canyon wall. Trees and boulders jutted out from this, and a walkable trail was clearly noticed. We found multiple large footprints in the leaves and dirt, and hand prints much bigger than a man's in the dirt between the boulders. We saw stick structures and twisted off tree branches in the area where our group observed the eye glow. “

Photo looking up at the bluff where eyeglow was observed. Photo by Rick R...


Photo of hand print that was found. Photo by Rick R...


Here is Dennis W’s account of this incident…

DW - “Although I only really saw eyeglow one time it was a good moment. It was 1:30 am on Saturday morning during Friday night op number two, on the far end of a road. Several of us sat on the road in the dark, looking up at the ridge. We had seen many instances of eyeglow at the top of the ridge and were concerned that we might be confusing eyeglow with stars. Then the eyeglow moved down below the ridge line, leaving no doubt it was not stars. I saw this, and Michael was watching with binoculars from the pickup. He said that he thought he could make out head and shoulders as the two light sources looked at each other, then looked back at us. Later on I asked Michael to draw what he saw and he came up with this (link below). After looking at the location the next day he's sure they were among rocks not trees. We could not tell in the dark. I could see the glow a short time later through binoculars but at that time I did not see movement, nor could I make out shapes. Through the binoculars I could still see the glow when others seemingly could not.”


Bob B describes an observation he made late Friday night at basecamp…

BB – “At 11:20 pm we were the first group back. I walked up from my site to the road and back, and for most of the walk I had my red headlamp on. I got back to my tent, unpacked my recorder and vest, drank some water, and started to walk towards the outhouses. About halfway between my tent and the outhouses I saw what I thought was a red headlamp moving slowly from the camp drive towards the outhouses. I thought someone was racing me to the outhouses. I watched it move towards the outhouses, then it went behind them and continued past them and appeared to disappear into the woods. At the Saturday day meeting I confirmed that no one from our group was in the area. I don't think it was any of the fishermen because it was nowhere near their site.”

M - Early on Saturday morning, just as it was starting to get light, I observed what I believe were two sasquatch gliding past my tent. I get up really early, and it was about 4:15 am. I had been awake for a few minutes, looking at the inside of the top of my tent, listening for unusual sounds. Two large distinct shadows move from north to south over the east side of my tent. As the second shadow cleared my tent I saw a hand swing back, extended on an arm. I clearly observed and noted fingers on the hand. There was no sound as the shadows glided by. I immediately got out of my tent and stood for a while looking around and listening. I didn’t see or hear anything further that was out of the ordinary.

Tom and Myles M scouted an area of interest on Saturday morning, and cast a print that they found. Tom describes the experience…

TM – “It was about 8:30 AM, Myles and I were hiking across the road from the campground. We had spotted a wash that we wanted to hike up. Around 11:15 we began hiking back. We'd found some interesting sights, like a kill site with tree laying around forming a large circle on the ground. Possible stick structures near this circle, and not much else but some questionable scat and some sheds that seemed a bit high in the tree for the average deer.

On the way back we thought that we startled a few deer, but they were not running away from us, one was running toward us and turned to go a perpendicular direction rather than going back, another was hustling off in the opposite direction, again perpendicular to us. We didn't think much about it as we were not being quiet. About 50 yards from where the deer appeared, we saw what appeared to be track at the side of the trail. When we took a better look it was one of many tracks in the leaves going down the side of a trail that we had found to return to camp. The one track that we found was the only track not in the leaves.
There was a pretty good rain about an hour before we found the track, which should have washed it out if it was older than that. This squatch was walking in front of us, which explains why deer were running toward us and cutting a quick perpendicular rather than turning around.”

Myles with the print cast…


On Saturday afternoon Amy, Kyle B and Nick did ground breaking scientific analyses of a habitation/activity area that they discovered above base camp. Kyle describes their scouting foray…

KB – “Nick and I set out to explore the ridge south of camp across the river. We had heard that there might be a cave along the cliff. We decided to ascend the cliff from the river bottom to allow anything above us time to escape rather than be cornered. We found a very small path along the cliff that led to a rock shelter that is about 10 feet in depth. On the path leading up to the rock shelter there were many cracks and pockets along the rock face. Every pocket was filled with acorns, crayfish, or corn cobs. The inside of the rock shelter was impeccably clean. No debris, no leaves, no loose rocks. Outside of the entrance was a large scat pile approximately 3 feet across. There were multiple pieces in various stages of decay. Each piece was approximately 3/4 inch in diameter and 4-6 inches long. We collected two bags of scat and started to leave the area after two small pebbles landed on us, possibly thrown from above. Upon return to camp we dissected one bag of the scat to find its contents.”

Kyle collecting data at the entrance of the rock shelter...


Nick looking down at base camp from the rock shelter…


KB – “A second bag of the scat was sent to the Iowa DNR for analysis by an expert (the poop guy). The verdict was....unknown origin. We specifically asked him about human, bear, coyote, wolf, and raccoon. It was a definite “no” on all four. In fact the expert was able to say without a doubt that it was not: human, bear, canine, feline, or raccoon. He said the most perplexing piece of scat was the one that was 90% crayfish shells. He said an animal would have to sit down and eat a continuous meal in order to produce a stool containing that many shells. So something sat up on that cliff and ate a big plate of crayfish.

Here is my theory: That south facing cliff is a food storage location for the resident sasquatch population. The cliff face is littered with many pockets and ledges to store food in. Nick and I found acorns and corn cobs all over that cliff face. It would provide natural access during the winter and the warm breezes would dry everything out to help store. Crayfish were caught in the creek below and stored in the cliff. They were then taken out en mass and consumed. The cave, or rock shelter as Steve informed us, is a protected place to sit and eat. Uncooked food takes a lot of time to chew. Mountain gorillas spend most of their day chewing. A sasquatch could easily collect a meal of food and sit in that rock shelter out of the elements to eat. It is a location that also provides high visibility of intruders. This would also explain the large scat piles and the clean interior. Since a resident sasquatch would spend a lot of time filling this outdoor pantry they would of course need to protect it from migrating and transient sasquatch population. In the early spring, when food is still scarce and pantries are running out it would be even more critical to protect these calories. This would help explain the high sasquatch activity in that area in the early spring and late winter.”

Terry S describes a night op on Saturday night, on the trail where the weird blue clouds had been seen the night before…

TS - “We hiked in and stopped at a log where the girls did a lot of laughing and singing to attract Sasquatch. Mary and I and Steve saw movement on the hill side to our left. No other activity was reported.”

Mary H adds the following regarding this event…

MH - “When we stopped at the spot where the women with good voices were laughing and singing, I heard movement on the hill to my left. I looked up at the top of the hill on top of the ridge and noticed that something was blocking a gap between a set of trees. It seemed to move back and forth. The gap would be open and then it would close when something moved back into that space. Most of the group observed occasional eyeglow just below this spot. Steve M borrowed some binoculars and commented that whatever was up there was big. This lasted for a few minutes.”

Scot M also commented on this Saturday night first op…

SM - Saturday Op 1 with Steve Moon and others past the equestrian campsite was the best op of the expedition for me. I've always had trouble seeing clear eyeglow on other outings over the last couple of years, and on earlier nights on this expedition, but **** if I did not see fairly bright and clear lights on the trail where we had just come from. Later, sitting by Mary we saw fairly clear movement of some shape on the tree line up above us, blocking out the night sky as whatever it was moved between the trees.”

Keli A and her brother Rob stayed in base camp on Saturday night. Keli describes their observations…

KA - “With my laryngitis catching up with me, my brother Rob and I stayed at base camp on Sat. night to explore. We saw some eyeglow down by the end of the campground where Steve's tent was, yellow and light blue, down by the stream. At about 9:30 Rob was in the brush at the other end of the campground, and I was sitting at the picnic table. We heard what sounded like a low whoop growing into a higher pitched howl coming from up where the big pile of scat was found earlier. It was three to four seconds in duration. On first night ops on Thursday Rob and I heard three low grunts about 50 yards down a trail.”

Scott M describes a late Saturday night op…

SM – “Saturday night Op 2 was just west of base camp. Mary H, Bob B and I walked the trail. We jumped a pheasant or turkey early on. We played the Buddhist throat singing clip through my Bose, which was very creepy. A goose, perhaps startled by something, flew overhead from our right to left, and then something in the trees to our left jumped and crashed through the brush and trees away to the left and back in the direction we had come from. Later on down the trail a very clear glow was seen ahead by Bob and me. I recall two points of light. I can't recall if Mary saw it. We radioed back to camp to see if someone had a bright light on that could have been tricking us. We received a reply from Kyle that no bright light was on nor were campfires going. Nor was it clear that we were close enough to be fooled by a light at camp… I seem to recall a red light and a white light, both close together.”

Mary H adds…

MH – “I did see the lights on my right side as we faced camp. I think it was kind of a marshy area. Whatever was crashing around scared the heck out of me! It sounded big - maybe it didn't like those chants - they were pretty creepy.”

Jerry O describes his observations from late Saturday and early Sunday morning, from a location a few miles east of base camp. Jerry uses a parabolic recorder as a listening device, routinely scouting trailheads and parking areas until sunrise.

JO – “On Saturday night and Sunday am, I was at a parking area. I parked facing south-southeast. That parking area is on high ground, and at different times I saw a blue search light, and later a white search light far to the south-southeast. They would come on and swing quickly west and then slowly back to the north, usually for quite a while, and then go off, and then other bright white lights would come on. There is a barge tie up and storage area nearby, and I thought that tugs must be looking at the tie-up area, with search lights as they neared it. I also heard some faint, far vocals that seemed connected to the search light activity.”

(Edited by Indie Farmer)
(Edited by Indie Farmer)
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Shunryu Suzuki 

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Nice!! Fantastic read....

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Thanks for posting your notes. I enjoyed the heck out of reading it. Is it just me or was there an unusal amount of eye glow? Or is it more normal for the region or area? Intriguing....

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Were any hand prints observed on that fallen tree? The moss on it looks very thick and might have shown some imprints...and from a tree that size I'd say the prints would be a good 7-8 feet up on the tree.
"History shows again and again how Sasquatch points out the folly of Man".
Indie Farmer

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Yes there was way more eyeglow than we usually see. I would say easily twice as much. I speculate that the increase in eyeglow was somehow related to the non-use of wood knocks for communication.

Several of us examined the tree, and we didn't see indentations in the moss, no messed up bark, and no hairs. The side that was pushed on was up, and we looked.
(Edited by Indie Farmer)
If your mind is empty, it's always ready for anything and is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few. 

Shunryu Suzuki 

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Could anything be setup to observe the habitation/activity area discovered above base camp.
Indie Farmer

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Yes. It's a matter of what technology to use. I've had really good luck recording audio. There are a group of us who specialize in analyzing what we consider to be sasauatch sounds. Vocalizations, wood knocks, rock clacks, and other sounds that are unique and that are considered 'high probability' for being sasquatch. We insist on several attributes being present. We look for a vocalization that includes a wood knock and maybe a whoop. Or moan, hum, growl, etc...

Game cameras don't have a high success rate. The sasquatch seem wary of game cameras.

That's about it. Audio is about the best indicator in my book. And easy to do. Sas will walk right up to an audio recorder. I've recorded it happening more than once. And a recorder can be set to record long term.

Boots on the ground! I've got the recorder to do it, and maybe I'll get it deployed for a month or two this Fall. Right now I'm working the rivers in southeast Iowa.
If your mind is empty, it's always ready for anything and is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few. 

Shunryu Suzuki 

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In the light spectrum there are visual differences detected by the eye. Color addition and subtraction change the way we see light colors. Here is an example of color subtraction. In Example C, cyan light (i.e., a mixture of blue and green) shines upon the same magenta filter. Magenta absorbs its complementary color - green. Thus, green is subtracted from cyan light. That leaves blue light to be transmitted by the filter. For this reason, the filter will appear blue when illuminated with cyan light. This process of color subtraction can be represented by the following equation.

C - G = (B + G) - G = B
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Excellent Report. Just got home from vacation and read it today.
There was an amazing amount of activity and evidence witness by many, and it's great to see everybody's accounts together.
The scat report is very convincing physical evidence and it's fantastic to hear a DNR specialist confirm it was of an unknown animal.
I really enjoyed reading so many of the member accounts and experiences.
Great job Steve in summing it up.
May the Forest Be With You.
Indie Farmer

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Coop, it was wonderful meeting you. You are a terrific Ambasador for the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for your many contributions. I can't wait to Squatch with you in the Seattle area.
If your mind is empty, it's always ready for anything and is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few. 

Shunryu Suzuki 

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Indie Farmer, Thanks for the information. Hope to find out what you have gathered with the recorder this fall.
Indie Farmer

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Hey Joel, I'll get a recorder up there this Fall, and I will report back.
If your mind is empty, it's always ready for anything and is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few. 

Shunryu Suzuki 
Indie Farmer

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The expedition report has been updated. All photos and sound files are there. If more become available, and I'm sure they will, I'll add them and announce the added material. Thanks!
If your mind is empty, it's always ready for anything and is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few. 

Shunryu Suzuki 

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Thank you for positing this. I find it fascinating that there were so many different colors reported, and also intrigued by the weird blue fog/clouds.
Indie Farmer

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Beth, we always see red, blue and white, or whitish yellow. Those seem to be the colors. I think blue dominated.

The blue clouds were new to me. I had never seen the likes of that. It was like my eyes were playing tricks on me, and then I would see a blue cloud! I really did think I was going nuts.
(Edited by Indie Farmer)
If your mind is empty, it's always ready for anything and is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few. 

Shunryu Suzuki 

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Very good, detailed write-up Indie Farmer! It was a good expedition in a really good location, and should be considered again for a future trip.

Eric Lester
Illinois BFRO


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