2015 Iowa Expedition report
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Thanks everyone who attended the expedition!

Overall there were twelve locations were investigated, plus base camp which was nestled on a man-made lake in a large state park. The most distant location was about 14 miles from base camp. All locations were connected by woods and water. The weather ranged from sunny and temps in the low 60's, to flat-out miserable. This worked to our advantage as we basically had the entire park to ourselves. And I think having the campsites going from empty to overflowing in a day caught the attention of at least one Sasquatch as we had activity in base camp.

The report will be amended as updates are received.

Day One – Tuesday April 21
Weather – very windy, overcast, cold; temps about 40

Area 4
Time: 8:30 pm
We walked from base camp to Area 4. On the March scouting trip Steve, a BFRO investigator, saw moving eye glow scoot down the horse trail, roughly halfway between the road and where the trail enters the second field. I was ready for it and as we approached the trail I caught a fleeting glance of the exact same phenomenon. We hiked back to the entrance to the stream. For the past three years there was a large tree arch over the tall boy trail. As of March 2015 the arch is gone and a tree pulled over the trail, making it difficult to use. We made our way down into the area and took up a position about halfway between the stream and a gully. This is a significant location as we've recorded knocks, found tree structures, and witnessed eye glow. During our time in the area of the stream we heard movement and had possible eye glow, but nothing we could be 100% certain was Sasquatch activity. The wind was strong enough to mask any subtle knocks or vocalizations. We spent about an 45 minutes near the stream. We then began to make our way out, which entails following a game trail up a hill. The trail is blocked at the top by the down tree which replaced the arch over the trail. As I made my way through the branches the other heard a howl of some sort which the stated did not sound like an owl or coyote. I didn't hear anything but branches scraping my jacket. I did a short whoop and right we heard a long moan followed by a pack of coyotes. I analyzed the moan the next day, and determined that it was a coyote.

Day Two – Wednesday April 22
Weather – overcast, temps about 45
Time: 10:00 pm

Area 1
We parked near Area 7 and proceeded down the road. Once we rounded the curve, a team member heard rocks clicking about 50 feet on the hillside ahead of us which continued as we moved down the road. We would stop to watch and listen, then when we began to move the rocks would start up. I set up the long exposure camera near the area where the stream comes down the hillside, aimed up the hill with some sky for contrast. The shutter was open for about fifty minutes. We spent quite a bit of time, about 30 minutes, on the bridge, during which we observed flickers of red and white eye glow on the hill above the 90 degree curve. There was also the sound of movement and two incidents moving eye glow across from us on the other side of the river bank which we observe while on the bridge. On the way back we heard movement on the hill ridge line and saw faint moving eye glow on the ridge line paralleling us as we moved. After the expedition the film was developed, and upon examination two red dots appear in the lower right side. Both are below the horizon and in the area where we all saw moving eye glow. This is consistent with the red eye glow which was spotted moving ahead of us as we made our way down the road to the abandoned bridge. Link to the photo -


Total time about 90 minutes.

Day Three – Thursday April 23
Daytime weather – clear, no wind, temps 50's and warming
Weather – clear, no wind, temps 50's and dropping

Area 1
Matt's notes: Matt took a group with Rick and parked at the campground. We split into two groups walking the road and rick went in first stopping at the bridge. We followed about 15 minutes later and some members of the group reported multiple instances of eye glow along the way in on both sides. I never saw any of it, even while staring at the same spot. Either a combination of imagination and creative thinking, or I just can’t see eye glow.

Rick's notes: The group (nine males, two females) proceeded down the abandoned road. About one third the way down the road a series of three knocks were performed. No response. Once arriving at the bridge most team members moved up onto the rocks and observed faint eye glow on the opposite side of the bridge down near the river. Something was also thrown into the river from the same location of the eye glow. And eye glow was also seen on the hillside along the road.

Area 2
Matt's team reached the bridge and passed the other team(trading out Val for another member) and continued down the trail/road towards the archery range. We had no activity the whole way but did do several whoops and howls between the two teams. We never reached the archery range, turned around about the top of the hill. After we had turned around we did hear a scream that sounded like a human female. Came from the top of the hill behind us(south). Members of the group thought it was another group up there. The other teams heard it as well. No other action to report. No recorder was going.

Area 11
Richard's notes:
4/23/15- 4/25/15-Sunrise 6:07 Sunset 20:02
60% Illumination of moon
Silurian Escarpments

Richard, Paul, Barry and Elvie joined Steve, Brian and Mary at Area 11 on Thursday 4/23/15.
Barry and Elvie introduced themselves speaking loudly the O Ma HA Language in the bottom area hollow of a Natural spring.
“oNku. gi ga. shkoN a'zhi thoN”: We come in peace
“oNku duda athiN giah noNka the thiNge”: We bring No harm

9PM We met with the same members back at Area 11 and began Night OPS. We walked the road that exited the camp grounds and had no confirmed activity. We then drove down to the lower area by the spring and again Barry and Elvie addressed the area with the Omaha language. The group split up and watched for eye glow in the timber. It was very cold down near the spring so after a few hours we went back to camp and started a fire. It was warmer up at camp. I suspect the Sas would stay up higher where it was warmer.

12:30pm at the camp fire we stood around and talked /joked with each other and generally had a good time warming up. A wood knock was heard in the timber as we were winding down for the night just behind us by the fire. Everyone went back to our tents and retired around 2:00- 2:30 AM.

I hung my Sony recorder up high in my tent about six ft off the ground. (Kodiak flex bow tent) and then covered the red power light. It was very still with no breeze and in general excellent conditions for recording sounds. I had trouble falling asleep and slipped in and out of sleep most of the night because there was constant movement outside my tent in the timber sounds of grass and twigs moving.

At 3:17 AM a Peacock sound or call sounded off two times in the timber just behind my tent. At 4:30 AM the same peacock sound again, then 5:45 AM the doors of the van opened and closed. Elvie then whoops and at one point a bark responded to the whoop. (Coyote or Juvenile/Sas have been known to Bark too).
Area 12 – Scouting trip
Time: 10:00 am

The location is between a shallow river and a golf course of all things. It's densely wooded bottom land. We walked the woods located directly between the golf course and the river and found multiple examples of tree structures. Also a track way was discovered coming up from the river and to the tree structures behind the golf course. The floor of the woods was thick leaves and dead grasses and most of the prints consisted of large depressed areas. But once some of the leaves were removed a clear midtarsel break was visible. The best track was cast. The length is 16 inches and appears to be the left foot, and with a deformed large toe which juts out at a severe angle. As the Sasquatch moved up the hill, the deformed toe dug deeply into the hillside.

Area 9 – Expedition cookout
Time: 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Prior to the start of the cookout, slated for expedition team members to begin arriving at 5:30 pm, the team responsible for preparing the food did calls in order to draw in Sasquatch which have a long history of being sighted in the area. The cookout team met the expedition members at Area 9 for the cook out dinner at 4pm and began cooking burgers and brats. Some indication of activity was observed by the group that there was movement coming down the ridge lines and down in the ravine near the shelter. Shadows were observed and photographed but initially there was no conclusive observation. It was noted that this area had been closed all winter and had just recently opened.

The cookout was held in a shelter built by the CCC in the 1930's which overlooked a shallow valley with a stream running through it. At one time the stream had been blocked, flooding the valley and creating a shallow pond, but is now overgrown. The valley filled with the smells of brats, burgers, and hot dogs, and by 6:00 pm everyone had arrived. At about 6:30 pm I took up a position in front of the shelter and was watching the other side of the old pond area, which is a distance of about 175 feet. Partial tracks had been found next to the stream, which was the direction I was watching. Directly across from me I saw a large, all black figure take one stride and hide behind a tree. I immediately interrupted conversations to determine if anyone from our expedition was down in the valley. The only person who was not at the shelter was Myles, the son of an expedition member who was walking the trail along the stream looking for tracks, and he was wearing blue jeans and a yellow sweatshirt. What I saw was one solid color – all black, and was not on the trail but was up the side of the adjacent hill. It appears that what I saw was walking ahead and above Myles as if it was keeping track of him.

Area 12
Time: 9:30 pm

My team returned to the location, along with the Thermal Eye unit. The goal was for the team to hike back in to where we found the track and for one member to remain behind and record the situation. We walked down to the river, into the area where the track was found, and back to the Thermal Eye. We but had no responses, and nothing was spotted on the Thermal Eye. The decision was made to explore the other parts of the bottoms which has a series of dead end drives. Again, we did knocks but with no responses. The review of the thermal file revealed nothing.

Total time – 2 hours

Base Camp notes from Thursday:
Rick, an investigator, reported his driver side door, and back seat door behind were swung wide open while we went on night Ops, Thursday after night Ops. The car was locked and parked on the road with the driver side facing the woods. He came back to find it that way.

Friday April 24

Area 9
Kathleen's notes: On this night I attended a nighttime expedition at a location near a park. Kathleen and Mark, Thomas H, Mary, Brian, Terry, and Bob. I did see glimpses of eye glow within the forest and a strange feeling walking in along a path with high cliff like walls. This feeling can be best described as uncomfortable or creepy. There was movement along the cliff wall which has a stream running along it. The location is about 200 yards from where I saw the dark figure on Thursday afternoon. We saw eye glow which appeared to move about one third of the way up the cliff. One team member remained behind in my truck running the thermal eye. He was able to view our team walk down the trail to a bridge, however the area of the cliff wall where we saw the eye glow was not in his line of sight.

Ken's notes: This was my first nighttime expedition. We were with Bob, Terry, Brian, Mary, Tom and my wife Kathleen. We went down a paved road before taking a left down a gravel / uneven unpaved road. Approximately one quarter / one third of a mile on this road, I strongly felt that we were being watched by something. We had recently smelled the odor of skunk in the area, but this was a different kind of feeling. I let the group move forward as I trailed behind, looking to the rear as this was where I felt we were being watched. Bob came back to me and I told him that I felt we were being watched. Bob asked if the feeling I was experiencing felt threatening, and I told him no, just that something was watching the group. It was an eerie feeling, something I have experienced numerous times in the past. My “sixth sense” is always with me and never proves me wrong. First time in Iowa, and this is what I get?

Additional notes: We all smelled the odor which was skunk-like, and it was at the same time Ken felt that he was being watched. The gravel road we were on had a hill on each side and the odor came from the top of the hill to our right, and behind us. It was more a musky, wet dog smell than skunk-like and moved towards us, hovered, then seemed to retreat.

Area 1
A team again went down the abandoned road to the closed bridge, this time armed with a FLIR monocular. Along the way down the team reported multiple incidents of moving eye glow and subtle knocks coming from the ridge line. Once the team arrived on the bridge they reported significant movement coming up from the river on their left and onto the abandoned road which leads to Area 2. All team members reported seeing a pair of red eyes on the road moving back and forth watching them, then moving off the road down into the bottoms to the team's right, then back up onto the road. The FLIR was able to capture the eyes peering between the boards blocking the road. The eye glow is slightly left of center and between the top and middle boards:

First image of eye glow:

Eye glow is now gone:

Eye glow returns:

Area 6:
Matt took a group with Rick up to the trail. We got a late start after helping a team lead with his car trouble. Hit the trail around 10. Walked in about 15 minutes and then did two knocks, got one knock in response from up the trail. We continued walking for another 10 minutes and stopped where we heard the knock. I was showing rick my light and how it went from red to blue, when I turned the blue light on we heard a loud growl from our left, down in the ravine between the trail and the road to base camp. Rick and I heard it, the others did not. I am positive it was a growl and nothing else, from what…I can’t say. Rick’s recorder worked fine until this walk, then said the memory card was full. It never worked again even though the memory card was empty. We walked the rest of the trail to the top, got lost and then came back down. Off trail at 12:30.

Frida Base camp notes:
As we left base camp at 8:30 pm a very loud knock was reported between my tent and the main part of the campground. The knock was not recorded. We had numerous technical issues with recorders turning prematurely off. I use a Tascam DR-08 which has a timer option. The recorder was set to run 9:00 pm to 5:00 am daily, yet four nights the recorder turned off before 2:00 am, and one night it never turned on at all. The recorder has been used in harsher conditions.

Later that night Matt heard something moving around in the woods behind his tent. “Met at the lake and went for round 2 I took small group and sat at the top of the trail past the turnaround at the end of the campground. We sat in silence in the dark until another group led by Eric and rick came down the trail from the youth camp area. It was so windy we could not hear anything and returned to camp. I was one of the furthest out sites and right up against the trees. It was so windy and so loud that I thought I had lost the tarp or some equipment in camp was blowing around. I tried to turn on the lantern in my tent and it wouldn’t turn on. Battery powered Coleman lantern with a rotary switch. I thought the batteries were dead and all the noise had stopped so I went to bed. The next morning and the rest of the trip, the lantern worked fine…I never put new batteries in it. Bigfoot? Probably not but strange.” Rick again reported an issue with his car: “So, i made sure my car was locked up Friday night. Came back from night Ops, and the door behind the driver side was swung wide open again. Nothing missing. But I was creeped out. My car was parked parallel up against the woods, both nights. So i moved it, and parked it parallel to Mike's truck, Saturday night, and nothing happened.”

Saturday April 25
Daytime weather – overcast, misty, high winds, temps low 50's
Evening weather – clearing after 6 pm, reducing wind, temps warmed up to about 60

Area 7:
A large team returned to the location, which had significant location on Friday night. This time there was virtually no activity. About one half way in, where the openness of the fields and the woods meet, we heard a strange cry (audio under review). We were in communication with a team in Area 5, which also reported no activity.

Area 13
This is the hanging stick which found on the trail behind base camp on Saturday morning about 8 am.

Same stick different camera:

Area 10
In the past this location, a small park with a stone shelter built into a hill overlooking a valley, is about ten miles from base camp and has been active in the past including a humorous Class B incident and one of the first eye glow photographs ever taken. After the final lunch and learn session on Saturday afternoon a team member went to the shelter and cooked out. He was joined by a small group after the team pizza party. No activity was reported.

Total time: Approx. 5 hours

Area 12
A large team driving 4x4s was able to access the location and set up the Festival of Bacon. This was the area we found a very large pile of raccoon skulls(over 150) the previous day. Made a fire, fried 5 packs of bacon, had glow sticks and a laser light show out. Sang songs, told jokes and had a very good time. Saw some eye glow from the hill across the river, but some of it was identified by FLIR as raccoon. Couldn’t identify all of it, but I kind of have to write it off. Stayed until 3:00 then went back to basecamp and had a fire till 4:00.

These are Panoramic Daylight Views of the Bacon Station looking across the river. I took these as I went to get my radio back from Sasquatch.


I have audio of possible wood knocks occurring at 1:45 and 1:46 am Sunday from the Bacon Station. In the audio I mention hearing things at my 1 o'clock position. That would be toward Area 2, which was 1977 yards from our position (I had an App For that)

The audio also answers the question "Who Cooks for You?" It was Mike... I will get audio uploaded to Sound Cloud soon. Edit to add audio. 04/26/15 Knocks Heard from where Bacon was being made. First knock happens at 0:05(1:45 am) and second at 1:02 (1:46 am). A screech was heard as a response to our Owl Call at 03:36 (1:48 am). The knocks were amplified and some of our voices were reduced.

Matt daytime notes from Area 8:
For my daytime trips, I went to an area I previously identified from scouting as a promising area. I went at 5:30am on Thursday and had breakfast. I left 2 apples on a log. On Friday morning I went back at 10 and the apples were gone. There was also a branch leaned against a tree in front the log to form an X that had not been there Thursday. I hung out for 20 minutes and did one whoop and got an immediate knock response from the top of the hill. Stayed for a while longer and nothing else happened, left 3 apples. On Saturday around 11 I went back and two of the three apples were gone. I did a whoop with no response. Walked around for a while and found 2 possible prints and a slide area(I will get you pictures). I then noticed someone had set up a ground blind across the creek about 30 yards away and appeared to have been walking through the area.

Area 1:
Kathleen's notes: The night was clear with a half-moon that did generate a significant amount of light for a half-moon. I was accompanied by my husband Mark, Val and Bill. At the end of the drive, just as the road turns to the left we parked. To our right was a wooded hill. I witnessed various sizes of eye glow, ranging from small spots to large round orbs. The larger orbs were white/yellow and the smaller eye glow was white/blue and red. Val and I then walked down the gravel/dirt road that led to the bridge. Along our way I noticed what I perceived to be eye glow which was white in color. This eye glow was moving down along the ridge line following in the direction we were walking. At times the light appeared to be 2 separate side by side orbs and was moving erratically in a circular fashion. Val and I decided to turn around and go back to join the men. We continued to see eye glow on the hill and at the top of the ridge. A stationary light post was also moving as if being pushed down and back, side to side.

Ken's notes: This was the second night of my first expedition, and I must admit that I was more than a little skeptical. After we parked, Val, Kathleen and Bill started seeing Eye glow almost immediately. I was getting extremely frustrated, as I could not see what they were observing. Kathleen observed Eye glow through a forked tree, near the top of the ridge and directed me to look through the fork to see what she was seeing. What I observed nearly took my breath away. It appeared that the “Eye Glow” was moving around at the top of the ridge, sometimes descending down the ridge heading in our direction. I have very good night vision, and the Eye Glow imagines were definitely moving up and down the ridge. Kathleen and Val decided to walk down the gravel road to explore further, leaving Bill and I where we were parked. Soon after they left, Bill directed my gaze to the right of the forked tree, stating he was seeing additional Eye Glow near the top
of the ridge line. I observed Eye Glow from three different sources, each moving independently from each other, with a fourth set of Eye Glow elevated from the ground as if it climbing or sitting in a tree.
This lasted for several minutes. I was mystified about what I was observing. Kathleen and I had done a recon of the area prior to sunset, and I knew that this terrain was steep and not easily accessible to
anyone on foot. Bill then observed that one of the light poles illuminating a public rest area appeared to be moving back and forth. I concurred and suggested we move closer to investigate. The rest area was
approximately three hundred fifty / four hundred yards from where we were positioned. As we moved toward the lighted area, which still appeared to be moving, Bill and I heard two high pitched moans
coming from the ridge line. We had heard coyotes and owls earlier in the evening, but these two moans were completely different. They lasted for six to eight seconds, with a gap of fifteen to twenty seconds
in between. As we got closer to the light pole, it stopped moving. Bill attempted to rock the light pole with his hands, and it barely moved. There was little to no wind. I can’t explain what I observed, but
something was rocking that light pole. Again, I have very good night vision and did not see anything or anyone in or around the rest area.

Final note about Area 1: The primitive campsite location is where the Class A sighting was observed during our March scouting trip.

(Edited by stratoman)
(Edited by stratoman)
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Fixed links to some images...
The hanging stick - obviously not natural and left for us to find in a conspicuous place.

Panoramic View from where the bacon was cooked.

Audio Recording with 2 knocks and a screech.

I have very good reason to believe (Based on an experiment by another BF research group) that the knocks in this audio were not more that 300 yards away and probably closer to 100 yards, which puts it just above the cliff on the other side of the river, as seen in the last image link.

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I wanted to comment about the FLIR eye glow photos.
The barrier posts are most likely 4 inches wide, making those eyes about 4 inches apart "IF" they were right at the barrier. I believe that subject was well behind the barrier where there is a path, and not trees where an owl could be. I watched some recreation activity there although I had not seen the images until now. It takes a very tall "something" to have eyes in that spot. I may have opportunity to do my own follow up pictures in the future to show what I'm talking about.

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Great follow-up post. I may have daytime photos of that end of the bridge. If I do I will post in the next batch of updates.

When one moves around the barrier and begins to walk the road (which is raised about five feet above the surrounding area) the area to the your right is thick-wooded flatland with heavy undergrowth. To the left a small field and then it slopes up and is part of the large hills which are characteristic of the area. The road continues straight and flat for about 900 feet before making a sharp 90 degree turn to the left and disappearing behind the hill (the road continues on for about a mile up a hill at about a 16 degree grade).
One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know.

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As it turns out, I had been here before with a camera in hand. This is a screen cap from a video made in April 2013 on the bridge. http://redbone15.smugmug.com/Iowa-2...13%20bridge.jpg

The angle is not a match to the FLIR images but here they are layered as an animation: http://redbone15.smugmug.com/Iowa-2...e%20compare.gif

I still need a person placed on the path beyond the barrier to help with the scale.

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I'll be over there shortly - quite possibly this weekend as a day trip.
One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know.


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