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 Posted 5th December 2011 04:22 AM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
At the end of last season dan built a team that could have won the league but i feel like we have took a step backward, we should have tried our best to keep our best players from last year, its a shame that the likes of baffo jared calvin ashley farmer baby joe left the club but i guess theres is no more loyalty in football anymore . we need a striker another winger and a centre mid, theres is not enough quality on the bench to change the game.
quick question robbo is there any reason why those players left the club? And do u think they can still add quality to our side?

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 Posted 5th December 2011 11:55 AM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Agree with what you say Shearer. It is a real shame Dan had to leave as he got the club back on the up. We have lost some real quality and apart from Young Lee and Sands, maybe Riley we have not replaced them. Baffo is a massive loss for us and has not been replaced. I understand as well as the next man, without no funds we can not attract top players, but surely we could have got better then what we have brought in.
I only deal with FACTS.
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 Posted 5th December 2011 02:46 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
What we have is good enough, how we use them and get the best out of them needs working on. But positive talking is only to be put on here so not going to go in to one. Ok then but be a little

Our can we play so well yet keep losing points. We are trying so hard not to let goals in but some one as for get that we also have to score some to win. The best way is to play attacking football you need good fast strikers that can hold the ball. Not go in to everygame defending and hope we get one goal.

Ok that's me done . Just one more thing after every game 3 maybe 4 ask me what I think I tell you and to me you agree but you don't put it on here. Why not

village voice
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 Posted 5th December 2011 07:48 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Mr Shearer,
If you think we have taken a backward step in losing the likes of Baffo Jared Calvin Ash Farmer, ask yourself what could the town have done.
They were dealt the almighty kick in go-nads when they were ejected from the ground for one.
The players that left all must have had there reasons and it may have been money or the kudos of playing somewhere with decent facilities.
I would like to say that the players who stayed and are playing now deserve a great deal of credit and have shown a great loyalty to the red shirt.
Baffo was super fast, and if he had taken the ball with him, he may have been the asset you claim he was. Jared is a class act but you donít win games with just one man he should learn to pass more. Calvin would not get in the side as his pace is not there and Ash was at times brilliant but would lose the ball more often than make a telling pass, again itís a team game where ball possession is vital [Robbo take note but I am not having ago at you, you stayed ]
Maybe if we finish higher than Olney would you say that was a backward step, it would be a nice wake up call to the deserters I think.
King Dan left and in my opinion left Kit to carry the mantle, and I would say he has done great, well done for a seamless takeover.
Oracle are you implying that Kit isnít up to it, because if the team isnít on the up what are you looking for, a place in Europe? The quality we have lost was bottom of the league for best part of last season.
Loyalty I want to touch on this again, I know a current first team player who under the old regime last season was benched regularly, then for two weeks last year he never received a call to even say he wasnít selected for the Buckingham squad [remember we only had one side then] management technique bordering on pathetic.
He could have said sod it but he stayed loyal and worked hard to get back in, and he went on to be a regular member of the first team squad last season and this.
I also know who he would prefer to be managing Buckingham either Dan or Kit as they are both good blokes.
Henry I donít think we play negative stuff and how many chances were created on Saturday we are trying all over the pitch to score and to defend, it would seem that as we are not converting all our chances we are always going to be open to a soft goal, and this is whats doing us. But hang on a minute what am I saying here, we create chances by the bucket load we are mid table and this is viewed as a backward step.
What I am concerned about is what happens if win the league where will we play and how will we pay, the lads would deserve a little pin money I am sure.
But lets worry about that scenario if and when it happens and I couldnít have said that last year could I? V V

band of brothers
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 Posted 5th December 2011 08:46 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Good to see a healthy debate once again on the fanzone. VV I guess we have to agree to disagree, as what you said about the team and management last season is absolute bollox fella. The team with the likes of Baffo, Jared, Ash, and Joel destroyed teams like Bugbrooke 5-1 was it? The same Bugbrooke who have won every game so far this season. This seasonís side is sitting in the bottom 5 not mid table as you say, struggling to beat teams like Rothwell and Chenecks, as well as losing to the likes of Aston Clinton and Burton. You say you speak to a player, but reading between the lines it seems this player is your son, brother or cousin and you are digging out the ex players as they kept him out of the side last season? Because to call Baffo, Jared, Famer not good enough for our current side is laughable.
Am I saying Kit is not up to the job? No I am not, but he hasn't filled me with confidence with our season so far. What worries me more than the results is what seems bad morale within the squad. After games you over hear players moaning and talking behind other players backs, and moaning about the managers decisions.
Not one of the fans is expecting miracles or us to win the league. We do not have good facilities, and we do not have money to pay players, but as Henry wrote should we be happy with negative football and draws or losses against the bottom sides? and before you reply again with we do not play negative football, just look at Saturdayís team, a home game against the bottom side, 2 defensive midfielders in a 5 man midfield, with 1 lone striker. In my opinion 80% of the squad IS good enough to be a mid table side in this league, but it is down to the manager to get them there.
One last thing VV if you think we are going to need to worry about what happens if we win the league I think you need to stop meeting glorydays for a drink

I only deal with FACTS.
Dixie D
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 Posted 6th December 2011 10:02 AM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
It is good to read some passion from you all!

I do recall how many fans cried out last year for the introduction of some stronger and wiser old heads to augment the undoubted talent of the younger ones. Previous regimes were dismissive of introducing talent from the North Bucks, but those fans that watched the Charity Cups fixtures at Ford Meadow on a Thursday night knew there were some rough diamonds waiting to be unearthed. Ironically of course, the introduction of management steeped in that league gave the club the opportunity & inside track to tap into that pool of players. I know in taking the step up, how proud both Dan and Kit were to just be associated with this club. The new recruits have undoubtedly stabilised the team but whilst on admittedly limited evidence ( I have only seen the team play a couple of times this season) I would suggest that the general standard of football in this league isnít great at present. Some of last yearís squad, combined with the new recruits, would have been an exciting proposition. Sadly, players will come and go and I know the club tried its level best to persuade some of last yearís squad to stay. Certain teams in the league were particularly persistent in their pursuit of certain players and who knowsÖÖthe lure of possible greater reward and better playing facilities may well have influenced them to move on!

Kit does not set out to play negative football. When you have limited resources it is hard to consistently produce the style supporters would all wish to see. Players get injured, they have other commitments, they donít/canít attend trainingÖÖmanagers have little chance to build stable squads and playing systems. Currently it would seem there are players playing out of position through necessity. It is frustrating but building a sequence of results is important for the rest of the season. If fresh talent of the calibre of Joel, Jared and Ash can be attracted to the club, you would see a difference in the attacking 3rd Ė no disrespect to the current forward players.

This is a transitional period. On and off the pitch. The committee and the playing staff will need lots of patience and support before the facilities and the team is able to meet expectations. That there is even a club to discuss is in no small part down to the sheer hard work and dogged determination of a small number of people who could all point to better things they could/should be doing with their lives! It is heart breaking to see the team playing on a park pitch but I know that the same bunch of people is committed to seeing the club return to facilities more becoming of its proud history.

Keep the faith!
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 Posted 6th December 2011 06:18 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
The above mentioned ex players:

Joel; Went to continue his American adventure, who can blame him? Paperwork permitting will be back in a red shirt this weekend.

Ash; Fantastic prospect and a real crowd pleaser. Left to pursue Premier Division football with his previous club Kempston. Would I have him back.......Yes. Kit could get the best out of him week in week out.

Jared; Player of the year last season. Match winner in his own right. Left to chase the dollar with Buckingham Old Boys, I mean Olney. ***t on this club to get a game at Stadium MK then did the offski. Would I have him back......Probably.

Baffo; Came into his own last season. Played unbelievably well at times last term (Eynesbury and Sileby away) Unreliable, wouldnt pay his fines, wouldnt train. Would I have him back........Like a shot!

Calvin; Was released from the club for reasons other than football. Would I have him back?.......... No.

We have more than enough quality here this season to do very well. This team was only put together just over three months ago so we have to be patient and wait for them to gel completely. We have had teams on the rack this season and not killed them off and then got bitten late on, if we'd been more ruthless we would probably be above Buckingham Old Boys now and looking at the top three.

Remember......no budget, no expenses and no ground. At present we are running on goodwill and team spirit from a bunch of players that actually WANT to be here.
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 Posted 6th December 2011 07:22 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Totally agree with you BobbyD, Rome wasn,t built in a day and the players we have are capable of competing at this level and even higher on the evidence of some performances we have seen this season.A bit more staying power in the latter stages of of games and concentration is what is needed and I am sure results will come.Keep plugging away at it Kit.
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 Posted 6th December 2011 11:07 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Hi all. I don't post too often but after seeing some of the comments have a few points to put forward.

Firstly, following on from what bobby and Oracle said we're still rebuilding and a steady mid table finish is very achievable and if offered at the start of season, would have been taken by most. Especially as the club lost those players you speak of and others, lost the ground and had a difficult time last season. Will some of the current squad be good enough if the squad do find themselves pushing up the league or challenging promotion. Maybe, maybe not? It depends on fitness and as the club are only training once a week, is down to each individual player to put their own bit in to make sure they stay in the fold. From seeing some of the previous games, running out of steam or genuinely being unlucky are the only things that have stopped the team pushing up the league.

Remember also that due to a successful run in the vase and other cups the team have only played 2 consecutive matches max in the league so i feel the real judging should be done in 4 weeks time especially after the Bugbrooke and Olney games.

The fact is players are starting to return from injury/abroad (great to see Joel back and training!) is a great bonus and should spur players to work harder to keep their spaces and score goals as it seems like Wardell, Shepherd and Stimpson have been the only ones scoring this season (2 of these are midfielders and Stimpson has played at the back some games and fair play to him as he's doing his bit for the team instead of going to play for Bucks old boys).

In regards to the previous players, the words loyalty, commitment, discipline and the want to pull on a robins shirt means unfortunately none of the above should fall into that category!

Now although not everyone's cup of tea, Jakub has for me done well since he has come in as captain (again this is just my opinion) but he wears his heart on his sleeve when he wears the robin crest and the armband. (Even if he does Moan alot!)

About the moaning between players. I think the team are frustrated as they haven't been getting the rub of the green of late. As people who were at the Stony and Winslow games saw, those players are also the 1st to pat each other on the back when things go well!

About not being good enough to climb the league is again something I disagree with. The 1st 45mins against Harborough and Diss, we destroyed them and those teams currently sit high up in the league and in a tier above respectfully. Again with a little lack of fitness (mentally and physically), those games slipped away but hopefully with a good run of league games and the squad receiving a welcome boost with return of players, all involved with the club (players, staff, supporters and committee) should be looking forward to the new year!

I don't want to cause anyone offence as everyone is entitled to their opinions but I feel people are forgetting the club is still rebuilding and after losing a massive character in the club recently, this club needs everyone to get behind all staff, players and committee so we can move forward.

Happy Holidays

I kiss football

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 Posted 7th December 2011 01:09 AM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
i totally disagree with u the village voice when dan took over the club he brought couple of his players a left back he put stimo at the back with calvin and jared in the midfield and baffo and sheperd on the wing with farmer and robbo at front. With those players we only lost a league game and beat most of the team and we came off the bottom with ten point from the bottom two, if those players were not good enough buckingham would have been last last season. i am quite dissapointed with your point of view with those players, jared is actually top scorer in olney, baffo was training with kettering town, calvin was one of our best defensive midfield he never had a pace due of his groin problem but he had a great vision and was a very good tackler but i believe he needed to sort out his temper problem and ashley farmer was da best striker in the league at the end of the season. i still think we can recruit players from lower league ,there are players out there that could do the job. we only have 11 decent players but we need at least 20 players. the development cant even beat a sunday league team. we are buckingham town and i still believe we can attract players from lower leagues and built two solid team that can finish mid table .
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 Posted 7th December 2011 07:46 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Kit, thank you for your comments and trying to explain to us your thoughts. Due to work I have been unable to attend all the games this season, but from what I have seen we have scored a few goals and attacked well at times, certainly more than previous seasons. My gripe was what seemed to be negative team selections recently, especially a very defence minded team at home against the bottom side which included 2 defensive midfielders in the centre of the park and a centre back out on the wing. If this is down to injuries/suspensions that is understandable and I stand corrected. Also the lack of wins and good results so far this season is a tad worrying. Apart from Ascot and Harborough, we have only played teams which we should be beating. I do believe we have goals and attack minded players in the squad, according to Saturdayís programme, and including Saturdays game we have scored 27 goals in 16 games, with Wardell (7), Stimpson (4), Robbo (3), Shepherd (3), Sands, Diamond, Lee, & Ross (2), and Riley and Bines with 1. Add Joel to that now he has returned, if we attacked teams more I believe we will win games and win well. Do not get me wrong, yes it is great we are not losing week in and week out as we did under Phil Simons, but with the attack minded players we have it would be great to watch 11 players go out onto the field and express their selves.
On a side note it is also good to see you backing Jackub, you may be the only one doing it but he is your player so that is expected. One last thing Kit, where do you see yourself taking the club?

Now Shearer, I agreed with you earlier in this thread and I still do agree about a couple of the players you mention, but these players are gone so letís just leave it there regarding the ex players.

I only deal with FACTS.

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 Posted 8th December 2011 08:24 AM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Hi oracle, sorry to disappoint but i'm not kit. I do agree that results have been frustrating and a slight concern, but it would be more of a concern if the future didnt look positive. with joel back and maybe as you suggest a bit more belief that we should be more positive in our play, we will climb the league.
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 Posted 8th December 2011 10:01 AM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Hi all, as someone who has managed Cory Lee for a couple of seasons I can categorically say his best position is in midfield, preferably in a free role behind a lone striker.
His ability on the ball is second to none as is his phenomenal ability to beat a man and create space, but, and he will smile to himself when he reads this, his shooting needs a bit of work.
I can only comment on Cory as I have never seen Buckingham Town play but if you have someone with more technical ability than him then you have a special player on your hands.
Use him where he can cause the most damage, yes he can sometimes be a luxury especially on grounds not suited to his ability but overall he is an extremely gifted player and I would welcome him back to our club at any time.

Good luck for the rest of the season.

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 Posted 22nd February 2012 08:17 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
i miss the great 2001-03 side
Christopher Robin

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 Posted 26th February 2012 08:02 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
I miss Jess Mansfield

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