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Tongues passed away when the word of God was complete, and in those times, it was to confirm that those were men of God dealing with people in those days......
......"tongues" was never used in a place where everyone spoke the same in Acts 2 that people "heard" him (thru the thought process) speaking in tongues...a person was speaking his own language (only the male spiritual head spoke "tongues") and people, inside their heads (a gift of the Father) heard him, "each in his own language".

"Tongues" is walking by "sight", not "Faith", anyway, and christians are to "walk by faith, not sight" visions or dreams, or water baptism....that is all "sight" alone, thru grace!
No woman was to ever "speak in tongues" (1 Timothy 2:11,12 & 1 Corinthians 13: 33,34)!
Paul did because he loved Israel and was giving it it's last chance "more than you all" [1 Corin.14], but tongues was mostly for a sign to the UNbeliever [1 Corin. 14:22] & until the word was written down and scripture was complete [during the transition time from the Jewish religious law to the new "Body of Christ" covenant that the Apostle Paul started mostly for the gentiles]!
Tongues was God's way of undoing what HE did at the Tower of Babel, when he confused those people's languages to prevent their arrogance, and scattering them over the earth, even changing their appearance & skin colour.

Captain Church

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