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I am currently investigating an urban legend called Witch's Gate. It's an old house that burned down about 20 yrs ago. It was built by a wealthy man for his bride to impress her family. It was beautiful and all the furnature was imported from England. The husband died of old age and they had 2 son's. She went mad, some say from being a witch and the son's were supposedly crazy. They say if you go out there at night you can see her and hear her. I have seen things out there that I can not explain but that was years ago when tresspassing wasn't a big deal to me. I am having a difficult time finding the current owner to get permission to take pictures of the remains of the house. I am going to post the e-mails from a friend of mine's mother who had to visit the house in the early 70's. She was a home nurse and had to check on the mother. She tells about the the house and what it looked like and the peculiar behavior of the 2 son's. Then I am posting some info I got from the internet. I have seen the basement. It is flooded and has an old tricycle in there which is odd because there were never any grandchildren or kids in the family. Here is the e-mail and the info.

Yep....same house but I think the brothers died different years. Don't think first one died of anything but old age or illness but I could be wrong.
The Family wealth was from a huge cattle ranch their dad had owned( maybe he owned a store in Henrietta as well I never heard that!) The old lady had a huge dowry of her own from her moms side of the family and her own father. The history was that the finest house in the area, had the first indoor plumbing and running water in all of a three county area.The woman was originally from a very wealthy family in Fort Worth, Dallas or maybe Houston. Her family was very high on the social register. Her father would only allow her to marry the rancher until he built his bride a fine house with
indoor plumbing and a bath tub. The place was nasty as hell when I went out there during nursing school in the early 70's. The old lady was up in her late 80's or early 90's. She was totally senile and didn't even know her boys. I describe the place as RUINED FINERY. The furniture was the finest walnut, heavy and huge, all imported from England, all custom made, but the entire place was cruddy nasty. But the masterbedroom bed was the biggest, grandest, most ornate thing I have ever seen in my life. All the wood furniture had been let go so long, the tapestries on the furniture were nasty, covered with filth and torn with the stuffing coming out. The floors looked like they hadn't been swept or mopped in 20 years. A thick layer of dust was on everything, the wall paper torn and peeling and turning brown in places. The boys were probably in their late 60's or early 70's, bald and balding and idiot acting, and as filthy as the house. The drapes were falling apart, the carpets worn thread bare.

But there were huge beautiful black and white photos in ornate frames all over the place taken it looked like in 1920 it appeared of the grand house, the old lady and her husband, of the boys lying on their lawn with their mother having a picnic, of the boys riding ponies, elaborate birthday parties and soree's (parties) held on the lawn lighted by chinese laterns. The old lady must have been a social butterfly herself having the grandest parties in the area in the early days. The boys still called her "Mommy" even at their advanced age. It all seemed pretty sick and twisted to me. I really scoped the place out, but was none too reluctant to stay around too long. The brothers were just creepy and so was the place. The old lady mumbled and talked to herself the entire time I was there. But nothing she said made any since at all, and believe me I was nosey to hear anything she might say to tell me what happened over the years.

I heard after I came back to Texas after I had been married to my first husband for sometime that the old place had burned down, but I have no idea what year it happened or for that matter, if the two brothers had died in the fire.

I remember driving out there one day just riding around and saw the old gate was still there or at least most of it and the skeleton of the house, the chimney. If it ever had a basement I don't know. I didn't see a basement door when I was there, but that doesn't mean there wasn't one.

I spoke to my Dad about it and he told me he remembered a BIG ARTICLE ABOUT IT BURNING down in the times and record news. He is sure it told a great deal about the family and other crappola about the place. He said it was the early 80's. I am sure the newspaper would probably have micro film copies that you can research and print out on their computers. He said the name of the article was Witch's Gate Burns Down! Hope that helps you. Margie


Wichita Falls. Witch’s Gate
See below for location.

Witch’s Gate has many faces. The place the kids call Witch's Gate is an old, burned down stone house that can be seen of off Highway 287. The story behind the house (and I have been assured this is true as the person who sent me the information had grandparents who knew the people that lived there) is that there were two brothers who once lived here. They owned a grocery store and were very wealthy, however they didn't keep all of their money in the bank. They instead kept their nice jewelry and their gold in the basement hidden in the walls. One night, a burglar broke in and killed both brothers while they were sleeping and stole what valuables he or she could find and then burned the place down with the brothers inside. The brothers still haunt the place and keep watch over their "buried treasure". If you go down into the basement, it’s said to be extremely clean, no cobwebs or disarray, but of course no one lives there since it's never been rebuilt. You'll also hear footsteps and whispers. There are signs posted to keep out and entering the property is illegal. The actual gate, itself, is about three miles south of the house. There's a back road leading to it. Although the kids in the area call the above home Witch's Gate, the real Witch's Gate is a small cave that's haunted somewhere in the area. I'm hoping to get more information on this some time soon.

As soon as I get more info and find my pics I will keep you posted!!!


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That sounds very interesting.
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sounds pretty cool. Can't wait until you get more info.



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