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I'm sure there are many other people with many other stories about the school, but these are the accounts that I have witnessed myself. I chose to share this story because it's entertaining and it's one of the springboards that got me into the field.

Quincy University is a small Liberal Arts college (about 1500 students) in Quincy, Illinois. The college was started by the Franciscan Friars in 1858 in a storefront in downtown Quincy. The current college campus dates back to 1873.

When I enrolled there, all male freshmen were required to live in Padua Hall. (That requirement has since changed.) The large gray 4 story cement building is not very attractive and the cement block interior walls don't offer much warmth. It's obvious that the building was erected on a low budget with no architectural appeal in mind. From the outside, it looks like a giant cement shoebox with windows.

My first day in the dorm, I felt a little uneasy. Maybe it was because I was in a new place and moving away from home for the first time. Then again, maybe it was because it had some "residents" who never left when the year was over. Dave, my best friend from High School and I roomed together on the 3rd floor. A few days after settling into our phone booth sized dorm room, we started making friends.

Before I get to my experiences I want to describe the supposed origins of the stories. It was believed that there was one ghost on the fourth floor. There were several variations on the story of the student who died there. Many of the teachers refused to answer by just saying they knew nothing about it; however, they were willing to explain that the dorm was used to house seminary students with the college students in the 1970's.

The first version of the story reads like an urban legend. It tells that one priest-to-be asked to stay in the dorm during the Christmas break because his family had recently passed away and he had no home to go to. He was granted his request (the school even allows this today, but the rules for it have changed). While in the dorm by himself, he grew depressed over his choice to become a priest and he questioned his faith because of the loss of his parents. Finally, he proceeded to the shower where he hanged himself.

The second story is a variation of the first. In this rendition, a student was staying in the dorm over a long break because he wanted to spend time with his girlfriend. The girlfriend , for whatever reason, ends the relationship during the break. After several failed attempts to get her back, he jumped from the 4th story window of his room.

The third story is also a variation. I heard this story a few years later from one of the housekeeping staff. Simply, the student was replacing a screen in his window when he accidentally fell out.

Now, it's entirely possible that the second or third variations are actually a second death in addition to the seminarian who hanged himself in the shower. I strongly believe that something has happened in one of the shower stalls.

I had been up on the fourth floor only once during the first semester of my freshman year. On move-in day, my dad and I wanted to explore the dormitory so we wandered around. The doors on the fourth floor were propped open and many of the rooms were open. I can't say exactly why, but I surmise that it was so students could get beds, chairs, or dressers if their assigned room on a lower level was missing something. My dad and I walked around the fourth floor and were quite disinterested. I don't know if my father felt uneasy, but I still remember him saying "Damn, this is cool. It's kinda spooky."

For several months after moving in, Dave and I heard noises on the 4th floor above us. The noises would echo down to our room on the third floor. They were mostly swishing noises, footsteps, mumbling, or the sounds of furniture being moved across the floor. The furniture moving always sounded as if it was directly above us in room 420 (no, that's not a drug reference) which was locked and unused. At this point we knew the 4th floor wasn't in use, but neither of us knew that all the access doors leading to the fourth floor were locked. Similarly, we didn't know that the rooms were also locked. With this in mind, we naturally assumed it was other students wandering around up there.

After finding out that the fourth floor stairwell doors were locked after move-in day, Dave and I got together with a few friends and decided to find a way onto the deserted floor. Eventually, we found a way to properly bend a coat hanger and slide it in between the door and the jamb while applying the proper pressure on the door so that it could hit the multiple spring loaded door locks. Now let me preface this by saying we hadn't heard any of the ghost stories at this point. We just figured it would be a cool place to explore because it was the empty, deserted, unlit floor that was "spooky." Of course, we thought we might borrow some of the study lounge coffee tables and end tables too since they weren't being used anyway.

Well, the first time we got the door open, I refused to go. As the door opened it was like I was hit with a giant wave of fear. It wasn't laughable fear or just worry, it was all-out terror. All my friends called me a plethora of insulting names, but I just couldn't muster the courage to go up. When my friends came back, they said it was just a very dark floor with a few security lights. This, I knew already.

Here's a diagram of the floor which you may want to reference later.

I can't figure out how to paste a picture here, so if you want to see the diagrams included here and further down, please visit

Before I continue, I want to note that the entire floor is exceptionally cold. Even in the dead heat of summer, that floor is considerably cooler. Being the top floor with all the windows shielded behind closed doors and heat rising, you'd expect it to be exceptionally hot; however, it's probably about 20 degrees cooler than any of the other floors. My friend Dave remembers this exactly opposite. He recalls it to be stiflingly hot. I recall the one bathroom and the Study Lounge to be very warm, but I remember the hallways being cold. Because the hallways were dark, it may have madethe ambient temperature cooler, but even then, it's the top floor. Being the highest floor, it should be warmer than the others. Please
take the temperature issue with a grain of salt. This happened in 1994-1995, so I could be mistaken.

The second time we decided to visit the fourth floor, I didn't feel the "wave of terror." By this time, we'd heard the ghost stories and collected enough information to know what to look for, so we headed to the bathroom to check out the shower stall. Dan and Eric went upstairs to make sure there were no security guards wandering around up there. After about 10 minutes, the rest of us went up. Eric kept saying he and Dan saw a shadow of a man on the walls at the ends of the corridor. Initially, they figured it was the rest of us, but whenever they'd get closer, the shadow would disappear. Thinking we were just trying to scare them, they split up to come at "us" from both ends. As they closed in, the shadow disappeared. Eric and Dan experienced this once and I recall seeing it once several months later; however, I saw it on the study-lounge end. The study lounge has frosted windows that face the hallways; so my experience could have been some sort of naturally occurring shadow; although, we were on the fourth floor and there isn't much that could get in the way of the street lamp and the frosted glass. In any case, I approach that particular experience with great skepticism. Dan and Eric on the other hand claim to have seen the shadow on the wall at the opposite end of the building. Those two windows were covered with plywood, so there is no explanation for the shadows they'd seen.

There are 4 shower stalls in each bathroom. Standing in the doorway, there is a bank of sinks in front of you with a mirror that spans the wall. On the left are 4 toilet stalls, on the right, 4 shower stalls. Along the wall with the door, there are 2 urinals to the left and more sinks with a mirror to the right. In the first bathroom, it was ridiculously hot which is strange because the rest of the floor was chilly. All the shower stalls were open and we couldn't see any evidence of a suicide. We thought we might see a bent pipe, chips around the pipe where it stuck out of the marble dividers, or something to give us some evidence. We got to the second bathroom and found that it had a deadbolt lock on it. None of the other bathrooms in the entire building had this. So, we assessed the situation and we got in after finding a flaw in the building design. In the second bathroom, there was a very stale, stagnant odor. In that bathroom, we only found 3 of the shower stalls open. The fourth had the curtain pulled shut. I went to pull the curtain back and shivers started going up my spine, but when I finally pulled back the curtain, there was nothing behind it. I left the curtain open and we all went out into the hall to have a cigarette. After the smoke, Eric said he had to use the bathroom. We walked back in and the first thing I noticed was that the shower curtain was closed again. I distinctly remembered leaving the curtain open. Everyone said I was full of bull, so I opened it again (I half expected to see something jump out at me). Eric finished taking a leak and we all walked out together. We wandered around the floor some more and went back in. The shower curtain was closed again. Years later, I spoke to one of the cleaning ladies who told me they opened the shower curtains in all the dormswhenever they cleaned to ventilate the stalls and reduce any mildew odors. Hindsight is 20/20, but I wish we could have gotten our hands on a video camera and experimented with the curtain. Of course, when you don't own a video camera and none of your friends do, you don't really think about it.

The next time we went up, we were hanging out in the Study lounge on the fourth floor. A couple of the guys decided to take all the cushions off the couches and pile them up to the ceiling in the corner. By the time it was done, the cushions were packed so tightly that we took turns crashing into them for goofs and giggles. They didn't budge! After that got boring, we stepped outside the room and immediately heard several loud noises. We ran back in and found the cushions strewn all over the room. They weren't just in the area where they were piled; some had flown across the room and landed behind other furniture 20-30 feet away. One friend tried to explain that the tight cushions just had enough force to fly that far when they popped. So, we stacked them again. This time, we hooked our belts together to make kind of a "tow line." We set this between the middle cushions. After they were tightly packed, we pulled and the cushions just fell into a heap. The one that traveled the farthest, only went about 10 feet. So, we stacked them again. This time we pulled from the top figuring that maybe the cushions below "launched" the higher ones. Again, they all landed within 10 feet. We sat around chatting about it for awhile and then Eric had to pee. I swear, this kid either had the bladder capacity of a hamster or he just liked urinating in the fourth floor bathroom because he always had to go once we got up there. Well, we left the cushions on the floor and wandered into the haunted bathroom and saw the curtain closed, as usual. Eric took a whiz and washed his hands. He went to the paper towel dispenser and found that it was empty. He walked to the other one and it, too was empty. We searched the stalls for some toilet paper he could use and found none. Eric decided that it would be a good idea to beat the living crap out of the dispenser. He pounded the hell out of it and jokingly swore at it and cussed it out. He also made mention of the ghost using all the paper towels to "wipe his spectral ass." Finally, Eric stopped, wiped his hands on his pants and we all started to walk out. Eric was the last one out the door. I was just in front of him. As I stepped through the door, I turned off the lights and said, "Screw ya, let the ghost ass rape ya in the dark." At that point, I heard a rustling noise. Eric kind of squealed like someone jumped out at him. I flipped the lights back on and turned around. There, on the floor was a wad of crumpled up paper towels rolling towards us. We investigated. The angle of the paper towels trailed directly back to the haunted shower stall. The paper towel wad wasn't flattened, so it didn't look like Eric had hidden them in his pocket and tossed them himself. The paper towels were also rolling towards us so if Eric threw them, they should have been rolling away. Now, had Eric thrown them at a wall hard enough to make them bounce off and roll back, I would have heard the swoosh of his arm and I probably would have heard an impact noise before the rustle. Finally, even if he did throw the paper towels, the direction in which they were rolling from would have been impossible unless it ricocheted off of 2 walls. So, we tried throwing the paper towels at the wall. Every single time, they dropped directly to the floor. There simply wasn't enough "spring" in them to make the wad ricochet or bounce off walls.

As a side note, being on the fourth floor was a $500 security fine. To the best of my knowledge, Padua Hall was the ONLY dorm to have a fine like this. Being caught in an academic building after hours was only 2 hours of community service working garbage detail with maintenance or a $25 fine. Needless to say, there are far more valuable things like computers, chemicals, etc. in the academic buildings.

Before the next time we went up, I'd heard that room 427 was haunted and I located the window from the outside. I eventually brought some binoculars from home and looked up there through the outside window. It looked like the other rooms up there, but I saw something hanging on the back of the door (it faced the window), I also thought I saw some things tacked up on the walls, and it looked like there was something on a hanger in the closet. Of course, the room was dark and the sun obscured things, but it looked like some items were still there. Keep in mind, I was a few hundred yards away, looking into a fourth floor window from the ground, so I couldn't see much more than the top of the door and the tops of the closets. We started asking around about school ghosts even more and heard one from a student who said she saw someone in that room from outside. We thought she was just making it up since we gave her some info about it and because I know she liked me. Every time I'd walk across the Quad, I'd look up at the window and I started noticing something. The curtains in all the rooms were open. They were always open. But in room 427, the curtains would be open one day, closed the next, partially open another day, etc. Sometimes they'd be open for a week and then closed one day and open again for a month. As a side note, I heard more and more about the "man in the window" as the years went on. Apparently, his appearances were becoming more frequent. It seemed like he was awakened, since the sightings seemed VERY limited up until the occurrence of what I'm about to tell you. I'm not saying we "woke him," but who knows.

We planned our "mission" of getting into the room, but ran into trouble. The locks on doors we had at the dorm were somewhat difficult to open. Unlike the easy locks in the stairwells, these were connected to a mechanism that unlocked the deadbolt and then pulled back the striker. It was impossible to slip in a coat hanger because of the design of the jamb and the orientation of the door. Furthermore, it wouldn't have been easy to just drill out the lock and get in because of the integrated striker mechanism. Fortunately, above all the doors was a transom. When the dorm was built, the doors had an optional piece that could house those windows at the top that would fold in. Well, instead of the windows there was a piece of wood that matched the door. When it was installed, it was screwed in from the outside! The plan was to pop off the transom, throw Eric through the hole, and have him open it from the other side. Aside from one or two of the buffoons in our group, we generally preferred to gain access without doing damage. We dragged a chair down from the study lounge and I pulled out my trusty cordless screw gun. The paint layers that covered the screws were exceptionally thick. Being daytime and not wanting to strip the screws, I thought maybe we should test it out on another door, so we chose room 413 because it was closer to the stairwell, it had the "lucky number," and it was also one of the rooms rumored to be haunted. (The rumor variations about the student who hanged himself usually cited room 413, 414, or the bathroom as the haunted locations. In my Junior year, I found out that 414 is filled with the cleaning lady's supplies. Of course, as I said, 427 was what I felt was the haunted room because of the curtain activity and because of the sightings of the "man in the window.") George was staked out at the door nearest to me. Randy was at the other end. Since it was during the day and the cleaning lady had already done her rounds, we weren't worried about having the other lights on. As I started to unscrew the first screw, the lights went out. I immediately looked at George and said, "Alright Fuck-o, funny joke, turn the lights back on." As I was unscrewing, I noticed that Randy was walking towards me and when the lights went out, I knew it had to be George because there were no switches near Randy. Just as I was calling George a "Fuck-o," I noticed that he had his face pressed against the tiny security window on the door. His hands were cupped around his face. He looked at me and I could see from his face that he was surprised to see that the lights were out. I asked Randy if he saw George shut off the lights. Randy said no. I reached around the corner to turn on the lights and realized that the Switches were not around the corner; the switches were in the center of the wall directly across from room 417 (see diagram at George COULDN'T have done it. We thought it might be a blown fuse, but when we flipped the light switch, the lights came back on. Someone or something actually flipped the light switch. Not to be scared away, I started to unscrew another screw. Immediately, we heard a very loud banging noise coming from the far end of the hall near the Study Lounge. It sounded like a frenzied animal banging on a door. I forgot about my other tools and we all just started to run downstairs! I was placing my lighter between the door and the jamb when we heard the banging again. This time, it sounded like it was at the door just across from the stairwell. We hauled ass! Panting and sweaty, we gathered everyone together and told the story to them in my room. After about 20 minutes, I decided to go back up and get my tool bag. I wasn't about to go alone, so I recruited George to come with me. George got to the landing in the stairwell that sits between the third and fourth floors. All of a sudden, he froze. I turned and looked at him and he was staring at the door like a deer in headlights. All he said was, "Dude, this is fucked up. I-I-I-I-I just can't... No, dude... Fuck this... I'm not going." I didn't feel anything weird, so I just told him to stay there. All I had to do was lean in, grab my stuff, and get out, but I still didn't want to be totally alone. As I opened the door and leaned in I heard George shout, "Fuck this, Dude!" and he took off. Later, he would describe to me, the same "wave of terror" I felt the first time. I felt pretty comfortable for about the next 2 seconds. Then, I realized that we left the lights on when we ran, but they were off now. If someone turned them off, they surely would have taken my tools. All of a sudden the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I felt like someone was watching me. But it felt like someone was watching me from every direction. To my left, I heard a voice. The voice was very calm and very "warm." It sounded like a friendly voice and it said, "What are you doing here?" I looked over, expecting to see a security guard, but there was nothing. I looked to my right and saw nothing. My heart was pounding, but I just wanted to get my tool case and leave! I summoned enough courage to step in further and grab my tools. As I was backing out of the door, I reached down to get my lighter and all of a sudden I was consumed with a feeling of utter dread. The wave of terror washed over me again, but even more strongly than the first time many months prior. The door was still open a little more than halfway and I heard the voice again. This time, it started out calmly and finished in a bone chilling yell. All it said was "GET OUT!" I'll never forget it. It was long and drawn out. It probably took 6 or 7 seconds for it to scream those two words and it went from calm to an almost demonic scream. In the last couple seconds, the voice had morphed into a voice that I don't think a human could produce. I nearly crapped myself right there. I ran down the stairs, falling most of the way. It took quite awhile before I calmed down. And even to this day, the incident is as clear as a bell.

After that experience, I was never too keen on the idea of going up. I think I only went up there a few more times after that and just very briefly. I wouldn't just go to hang out with the guys up there anymore. Here are the 4 times I remember going afterwards.

One night, we were all playing RISK in the 3rd floor study lounge when we heard something scraping on the floor above us. We all ran to the stairwells. Everyone ran to the front stairwell except for me and Randy. I ran to the back stairwell to make sure it wasn't students who were going to come down the stairs. Randy grabbed a coat hanger and met me at the rear stairwell. We got in, walked up front and let the others in. We stepped into the study lounge half expecting to catch a ghost, but as usual, nothing was there. We went back downstairs and continued playing RISK. Later, we heard the noises again and a couple of the guys ran up to check it out. They came back and reported that they saw nothing, but the furniture had been moved since our previous visit up there only about half an hour earlier.

Another time was when the floor was opened by the school to house high school students who were visiting because they were recruits being offered scholarships to play football for QU. After the first night, we went up and questioned some of the students about anything strange going on. One kid said the shower (the haunted shower) only spewed out cold water. When I checked it, it came out hot. The only other student to say he heard anything said he kept hearing noises like someone moving furniture at the end of the hall. (This is where I usually heard it because my room was right underneath the place he showed me. My room was 320 and we often heard furniture moving in the room directly above.) This student also said he felt like someone was watching him when he was brushing his teeth or doing miscellaneous grooming in the bathroom.

One other time was when I went up as a sophomore because my girlfriend wanted to see the floor where I had these experiences. She didn't want to stay long. Later, she just said it was very creepy and made her want to leave.

The last time I was on the fourth floor, I was a junior or a senior and I went up with the guys just for kicks. Maybe it was because we were older or maybe the activity had died down, but we didn't feel the same heavy presence that time.

Another story I have happened my sophomore year at one of the other buildings. Quincy University is divided into two campuses. Main campus houses all of the general education classes and North Campus houses all of the natural sciences, mathematics, and social sciences. Being a pre-med student, I lived at the North Campus dorm my sophomore year. The whole campus was one huge building with both underground and above ground walkways. It was divided into 4 buildings even though they were all connected. "A" building was the academic building. "B" building was a dormitory that had been converted into teachers' offices and a retreat center. "D" building was the dorm. But the interesting one was "C" building (it may actually have been part of D-building. It was the part of the building that connected B building to D building and housed the North Campus chapel). C building was a dorm that was furnished but completely locked. It was rumored that the dorm was closed because some kids in the 60's were doing drugs and some kid beat another kid to death. Since there was more dorm space than there were students, they closed the dorm the following year and moved everyone into D building. We cross referenced the story with a security guard who said he didn't know the story, but he'd heard rumors about a ghost from some of the teachers. So, we started asking a few of our professors, but none of them knew about ghosts in C building (or they just didn't want to tell us.) However, one professor told us about a ghost in B building where his office was. He said the second floor of B building was still set up as dorm rooms and that it was locked unless there was a religious retreat being held there. He said that he heard noises on the second floor year round. I don't recall exactly who told us the story about C building, but I believe the security guard had asked around and found out. After quite a bit of prodding, we convinced our security guard friend to let us into C building to check it out. We went to the courtyard entrance for this dorm and surprisingly, none of his keys would open the lock. He had master keys to every building, but he couldn't get in. So, we peeked through the window trying to see all that we could, but it was very dimly lit. I could be wrong, but I could swear I saw a padlock in addition to the regular deadbolt on the second door to the left, of course it could have been a reflection or something. I remember trying to stare at the door through the window when my eye caught something at the end of the hall was a kind of Christmas tree shaped blob of white mist. It wasn't blatantly obvious, in fact, it was very diminished kind of like the haze at a poker game where you can see it, but it blends in pretty well. As we stared at it, it seemed to dematerialize or thin out even more as it moved off to the left and out of view. At this point, someone said we should leave. I don't recall exactly who said it, but I strongly believe it was the security guard who said, "I don't know how I know, but I know we should get the hell out of here. It doesn't want to be found. C'mon, C'mon, let's go." So we left. During our Junior year, we found a way into part of the C-Building through the basement and we wandered around. Nothing particularly interesting happened, but it had a very strange feel to it in that it felt like there was something there, but it had no interest in us whatsoever. I guess you could call it a kind of sad atmosphere.

Other haunted sites at Quincy University included Mac Hugh Theater which was considered haunted long before the elderly Drama instructor, Hugh Fitzgerald died. However, I wouldn't be surprised that Mr. Fitzgerald has also taken up residency in the Theater because since his death, occurrences have increased. Several friends of mine were in a production of "Cole Porter" directed by Hugh Fitzgerald and several of them said they experienced strange phenomena. Most of it was creaking noises, cold spots, objects that were displaced, or strange feelings of being watched. Now, I've heard that since Mr. Fitzgerald passed away, loud banging noises have been heard. Mr. Fitzgerald was, for all intents and purposes, a bastard. I met him on a few occasions and he was the epitome of a chubby, grumpy old fop. I heard that he was well known for throwing his cane to the floor, slamming things around, and screaming like a banshee when he was displeased during a rehearsal. During one production (I believe it was "Mame") he actually stood up and began screaming at a female actor during the show and in front of a full audience. The girl finished the scene teary eyed, red-faced, embarrassed, and obviously distressed. My friend Ryan told me that Mr. Fitzgerald's diatribes often reduced the actors to tears and that he would generally cast an additional ten students because on average, that many students would quit after getting berated for minor acting infractions. Since his death, I've heard that loud banging noises have been far more frequent during both rehearsals and productions. I recall once, my senior year, one of my classes gathered in the theater. I don't recall exactly why we were there, but I recall meeting in the theater for class so we could use the projection equipment. About halfway through, from stage-right, we heard a massive bang! The best way to describe it would be to say that someone dropped a hard cover Webster's dictionary flat onto a wooden floor. It was a sharp crack/slap noise.

Another ghost story was about the dorm that used to be across 18th street from Francis Hall, the main building. As the dorm was tightly secured, completely dark, highly visible, and totally unused, we never really wanted to take the chance to investigate. I believe the building was named Augustine Hall, but it was knocked down in early 1998 to make way for either a park or a parking lot. Supposedly it had a ghost, but I don't know the story. I wonder if this displaced ghost will start haunting the garden or parking lot in the years to come.

The last haunted location that I can think of is Solano Hall. Solano Hall is now home to the Music Department. I have heard that current plans have this building slated for demolition to make way for a new Science building and Performing Arts Center. Solano Hall was once St. Aloyisius Orphanage. The original orphanage burned down killing several children. The orphanage was rebuilt and the new building was used to house the orphans who survived the fire. After the orphanage closed, Quincy College used the building as a dormitory for football players and eventually converted it to the music department. The building was named Solano Hall, in honor of St. Francis of Solanus, who was also a musician. Since the fire, strange occurrences have taken place in the building and many people believe the occurrences are related to the children who burned to death years ago. Friends of mine have reported seeing the apparition of a child in the hallways and practice rooms. Many people have heard the sounds of running. Others have even heard screams coming from inside the building as they passed by outside. The most active phenomena are the sounds of children laughing and playing even though there are no children in the building.

While writing this story, one friend reminded me of the "Psycho Room." There was a room that was rumored to be haunted at North Campus. It was on the top floor of the wing I've indicated with blue on the picture below.

Other notes:

A Building - Academic building. Nothing odd except the room in the basement that we called "The Museum." It had a lot of strange antique science equipment, taxidermied animals (I believe there's a stuffed Bald Eagle down there), and a few strange things in jars. It's not haunted and I've only been in there once, but I recall it being pretty cool because it was like stepping back in time.

B Building - Built as a dormitory. First floor is used for faculty offices. The half of the first floor closest to A-Building is used by professors. The half of the first floor towards the back (in the white box) is used by coaches. The second floor is only used when the school hosts religious retreats.

C Building - Built as a dorm and chapel. The dormitory end is completely unused. Although, that's not be entirely true. The basement under C-Building houses the small cafeteria that is situated immediately off of D-Building. I've heard noises like parties in the basement behind the cafeteria and I saw that there was at meeting room down there on the other side of the kitchen. So, at last 1/3rd of the C-Building basement may be in use; however, the above-ground dormitory portion is locked securely.

D Building - Built as a dorm. The only part used by students as a residence. The area marked in blue is unused and locked. The top floor of that area is where the "Psycho Room" is. Once opening the door to get to that wing, I believe it's the second or third door on the left. Again, I was only in it once, so my directions may be wrong; however, I'm absolutely sure it's on the top floor in that wing.

The undetailed story I heard about the "Psycho Room" is that the student killed himself in the room. Personally, I think it's just a room that was painted up by some marijuana loving pothead with a Black Light back in the 60's. The room is painted in red and black swirls. I don't recall exactly, but I think there were spurts of some other colors; however, I do remember thinking the room implied "depression" and it reminded me of "Blood and death." Again, I never looked into it, but I personally think it was just some kid who painted his room, popped on a black-light and let the colors amaze him while he was high. However, since the wing is not in use, it may just be that no one has been able to witness any activity.

Well, I'm sorry my friends and I chickened out so much and left some of these stories incomplete, but we weren't "professional" by any means. We generally chalked these excursions up to college pranks and mischief. All in all though, I think we confirmed some of the ghost stories (albeit, some were by strange means) and we had a lot of fun doing it. Had I been a bit older and a little more mature, I'm sure I would have stayed to investigate further. And had I known then what I know now, I surely would have documented the stories better and I would have kept a running diary instead of just storing it away in my brain.

During our Freshman year, I wrote a letter to Chicago Ghost hunter and author Dale Kaczmarek about the hauntings in Padua Hall. I told him of the strange occurrences in the letter and 6 of us who'd experienced things signed the letter. He called us and asked us to talk to faculty to see if we could help him "get a foot in the door." Unfortunately, we were never able to find anyone willing to stick their neck out. However, over since I spoke with Mr. Kaczmarek, the school has undergone many changes in administration. It may be easier to secure authorization for a quiet investigation. I think the most unfortunate part of these ghost stories is the administration and the teachers. They are all very quiet about the hauntings. For being a Catholic institution run by Franciscans, you'd think they'd welcome a little "ghostly activity" to support the idea that there is life after death, but it seems that most any faculty there claims to know nothing.

A couple years ago, I mentioned this story to Richard T. Crowe (another Chicago author and ghost tour operator) while on one of his ghost tours. He asked me to e-mail the story to him, but I haven't heard back for whatever reason.

In conclusion, I sincerely hope you realize a lot of our hijinks were more "college pranks" than anything and that a couple "uncouthe" friends made some of the experiences more destructive or disgusting. Along with many of us curbing our foul mouths, many things have definitely changed over the years. Dave and I are the only ones still interested in ghosts and I assure you that we're far more professional these days now that we've learned quite a bit over the years and run our own investigation team.

Please drop me a line if you have comments or questions!

Best Wishes,
Gary L. Wright
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 Posted November 25th, 2005 06:07 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
WOW Gary... that sure was something!!! Can certainly understand where you got your passion for ghost hunting!!! Too bad you can't get an investigation there, would be realllly interesting to see if "whatever" is still there!!


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 Posted November 25th, 2005 10:52 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Wow! There was a lot of activity in that school it sounds like! I hope someday you get to do an investigation there and see if the ghosts are still kicking around!! Thanks for sharing!!
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 Posted February 10th, 2006 05:28 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
man intense story I really really liked reading it, so freaky, the "GET OUT" thing sounds crazy. I really wish someone could catch like a legit apparation on video that'd be the sickest thing ever. =]

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 Posted February 10th, 2006 05:30 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
well keep your fingers crossed for u s we hav an investigation soon where full appraitions hav been seen will keep ya posted!
"Well now that we have seen each other" said the Unicorn ........."if you believe in me ..........I'll believe in you!"



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 Posted February 10th, 2006 06:06 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Unicorn wrote:
well keep your fingers crossed for u s we hav an investigation soon where full appraitions hav been seen will keep ya posted!

That is awesome I can't wait to hear about what happens!

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 Posted February 11th, 2006 08:45 AM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
well we hav 2 coming up.........on 23rd & 25th will let you know!
"Well now that we have seen each other" said the Unicorn ........."if you believe in me ..........I'll believe in you!"




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