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Topic: Hannah Hill, 18
May 18th, 2006 06:31 AM
Sunset In May of 1999, 18-year-old Hannah Hill left her home in Akron, Ohio and never returned. Six days after Hill was reported missing, police found her body in the trunk of her car. She appeared to have been beaten, strangled, and raped.

February 15, 2002

Akron residents found her body stuffed in the trunk of a car, and now the man accused of raping and killing Hannah Hill of the Kenmore neighborhood is off the hook.

Prosecutors tried Denny Ross once for the murder of Hill, but the trial ended in a mistrial because of juror misconduct.

Before Judge Jane Bond dismissed the case, jurors signed affidavits declaring Ross not guilty of aggravated murder and rape, a special judge in the case ruled Ross could not be tried again on the grounds of double jeopardy.

Hill's family believed Ross did kill their daughter and dump her in the truck of her car. So did the 30 detectives who found Hill's bloody clothes at Ross's apartment and his semen in her body.

All the community knew at that time about Ross was that he was an acquaintance of Hill's and had a prior drug conviction.
May 18th, 2006 06:33 AM
Sunset June 18, 2004

The man accused of the 1999 murder of an Akron woman was arrested just before midnight Thursday for the kidnapping and rape of another woman.

Denny Ross, 22, is being charged with rape, kidnapping and felonious assault.Police say the alleged victim met Ross at an Akron-area bar late Tuesday night and invited him back to her house.

Police say Ross then attacked her with a knife and raped her.

The woman received a broken collarbone, a broken jaw, and many bumps, scrapes and bruises. She was treated at an area hospital and released.

Ross will appear before a grand jury next Friday, and will be arraigned the following Monday.

Ross was released from prison in March after serving time for burglary and drug charges. Ross was charged with the murder and rape of 18-year-old Hannah Hill two years ago.

The judge declared a mistrial because of allegation of jury misconduct. Efforts to re-try Ross have been bogged down in appeals.

Police say Ross has since been freed on a $1 million bond and lives with his father in Springfield Township.

Another trial date has not been set yet, but prosecutors still intend on re-trying him for the murder of Hill.

Ross's girlfriend of six years, Heather Hamick, said she's not surprised he's in jail again.

"He's threatened me … he's told me about putting me in trunks, he's told me how he can confine me and what he can do with my body … and I'm afraid of him, I really am," said Hamick.

November 30, 2004

A Summit County man tried for murdering a woman five years ago will spend the next 25 in prison for another crime.

A judge sentenced Denny Ross Tuesday for raping and severely beating a 32-year-old woman last summer.

The woman's jaw was broken in the attack, and authorities say Ross even threatened the victim and her two children when he left her house.
Ross also faces a retrial in the 1999 murder of Hannah Hill. His first trial in Hill's death ended in a mistrial.

On June 30, 2004, Denny Ross' father, Allen Ross, reportedly said some controversial comments defending his son.

“It’s kind of hard when you’re 25-years-old and you have women come on to you,” Ross said. “Tough situation, sometimes it’s hard to say no, isn’t it.”