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Topie: Rethinking old experiences
January 2nd, 2007 11:44 PM
John_P Has anyone remembered an old, unexplained experience in their life and now refigured with new possibilities it after learning about Bigfoot?

Example: as a kid we lived on the edge of woods, swamps and fields. I remember one summer (1970-ish) with a couple nights of beyond-skunk smell, and another night when something wacked the side of the house very hard once, like a large open hand. Didn't see anybody outside though.

Also, as an adult (2001), I was alone hiking up a very old dirt road trail in a Mass state forest and at one point heard a buzzing sound like bees, but from no direction. As I walked I felt nervous, anxious and then like something was there but nothing was around. The feeling passed as I went on. When I came back down the feeling hit me in the same place like a dread until I got dizzy. I looked back continually as I moved on quickly. The feeling cleared again and I was relieved to get to the car. Could this have been infrasound????

Any other stories out there?

January 3rd, 2007 01:16 AM
Bossburg John - that is exactly how I ended up at the BFRO and attending last years Oregon Expedition. Through a string of events I ended up doing a Google search for something horse related and one of the results was about people riding in the Northern California Redwood Forest and having a Bigfoot sighting. That lead me to reading (for hours I might add) through the sighting reports and putting it all together. In the 70/80's I lived in Central Oregon and hiked a lot - more than once I heard jibberish. No matter how hard I listened and even though I could hear it very clearly, I could not understand what was being said. I also had a very close night time red eyes experience in the early 90's on my ranch in So. Oregon...never could put a handle on that until......

Now I read everything available, go in the field whenever possible and can't wait until my next experience.

January 3rd, 2007 02:16 AM
D. Freel When I was around 12 or 13 I was launching model rockets at on my parents property just about this time of year. My rocket pulled a NASA and went the wrong direction, ultimately being MIA. I wanted to find my rocket so I set off on a hike up the mountain in the snow to find it.
About 200 yards from my parents back door I found several large "bare human" footprints in the snow. The prints came straight down the hill, then circled the house from above. I couldn't figure out what kind of idiot would be running around in the snow without shoes...
I am still kicking myself, I had read all about bigfoot and had been a regular on the BFRO site long before this happened... those woulda made some great casts.

I can probably think of 3-5 other times when I heard strange noises, saw prints, or heard something BIG and on 2 feet going through the woods. Do I know it was squatch? NO
Do I wish I knew then what I know now?
January 3rd, 2007 05:06 AM
brad Yes I had a experince when I was about 8 while "camping out" in my uncles back yard in upstate N.Y. I can't say for sure it was a bigfoot but it's the only thing that kinda fits. Early morning my friend and I where in the tent when we were awoken by heavy footfalls moveing very quickly around our tent. We both were terrified it sounded like two really heavy people were running around us. Then one really large hand hit the tent and took off through the creek that was about 100 ft away I check with my uncle and he wasn't around and there were no older kids in my uncles area he was the only house around we waited for about 30 min after we heard them leave on the other side of the creek up the mountain before we ran the 200 yards back to the house. I have never reported it because I cant be certain of what it was but the way we felt and the things we heard scared the pants off us. Both of us were outdoor kinda kids always in the woods and knew what most of the things around there sounded like and nothing fit. It wasn't untill I got older and started researching it on my own that I convinced myself of the possibilities.
January 3rd, 2007 09:26 AM
macman I think all three of my personal "what the heck" experiences made more sense after reading BF reports. I still can't say for sure that they were, although I am pretty positive that at least one was.
January 3rd, 2007 11:23 AM
CKnaub I heard a vocalization when I was about 13, we were camping and the whole family was asleep. I heard one loud long strange sound. I never told anyone. After reading the reports here I think it may have been bf. Especially since there are many reports from the area I was in. Also my dads cousin was camping in the same area when in the middle of the night something lifted his van off the ground. He tore out of there and never went back.
January 3rd, 2007 11:55 AM
UtahBigFootBeliever I remember camping with my family, at a place called Willow Flatts, up in Hull Valley, in Idaho. I was 16. I was sleeping in our van, had a full size bed in the back, when something smacked the side of the van and shook it, this was 3 in the morning. A few years earlier, there were some tracks found at the scout camp a few miles away from Willow Flats, everyone passed them off as being fake, because it was a scout camp and there were tons of scouts around at the time, but i could see some of the adults were weirded out. One of my old neighbors made a plaster cast, i will get in touch with him.

January 3rd, 2007 11:24 PM
John_P Thanks for the great stories. It seems folks that are drawn to the website frequently come for answers to questions that they couldn't answer, or were afraid to.

My very errant model rocket ended up in the middle of a 10' tall cow manure pile. The only tracks visible were mine but I did overhear lots of whoops and gibberish....

January 4th, 2007 09:55 AM
Victory33 I've never personally had any experiences but my girlfriend told me about something she remembered from her youth the other day. She knows I'm really interested in bigfoot and such, and got me some books for Christmas. I was telling her about a chapter in one of my books about footprints when she said "I saw a bigfoot print once". I was like "WHAT?!" She had known I was interested in this for months, but didn't tell me until she randomly remembered the other day.

She told me there were camping at a lake in southern Indiana and there was a huge human looking footprint near a beach area of the lake. She said it was bigger than any human footprint and rather deep in the sandy area.

She then asked her dad about it at dinner the other night and he said "That was a bigfoot (print)....for sure". Her dad isn't a joker, I doubt he even believes in bigfoot seriously...but he couldn't explain what it was, or what made the print and I took his word a little more serious than my girlfriend's...since she was young when it happened. So I guess a lot of people have stories like this...
January 5th, 2007 04:35 PM
robzilla Hello all back in the late 80s my friends and i had many experinces that we suspected were bigfoot. We did alot of camping,fishing,hunting we were always in the woods from the spring thaw till we couldnt get in after the snow. When i found this site i spent many days reading everey report it took a while but what i noticed was the similarities to my experinces. Mostly sounds ive never heared before,the smell,lots of strange stuff going on in the woods. I rember on the front page of our local newspaper a sherriffs deputy holding a plaster cast of a big footprint that came from along the ausable river. Many of my friends told us of strange happenings they had also. It all happened for about 2 yrs then nothing more. But the report from iosco county is about 4 miles from where i live. The report for ogemaw county in the rifle river recreation aera is about a half mile from our hunting camp. Im still looking all around still i spend alot of time in the woods around here there still is alot of woods and swampland around here still not alot of people. ill let evreyone here know first if i have any more experinces.
January 6th, 2007 04:39 PM
Matt_H I was talking to a friend the other day about camping and stuff. While talking to him I remembered something that happened at a church youth group camp that we had gone to over 20 years ago.
To explain a little bit.... The main branch of the church would rent a facility (scout camp or whatever) and they would have what they called "Camp Life". Camp Life usually had at least 300 to 500 kids from all across the country. Camp ran for a week. That year was the first and only year that Camp Life was in Pennsylvannia. I couldnt tell you where in Penn. but I remember it being a really nice camp facility and the place was huge and in the middle of no where.
The cabins ran up a pretty steep hill with cabins on the right side as you went up. The left side was a huge field with groups of trees here and there. The whole place was surrounded by forest. At the top of the hill there was a huge bonfire ring, and a few cabins. I was in one of these cabins. The terrain at the top of the hill evened out and then went back as far as I could tell at the same level into the forest.
The fire ring was about 30 feet in front of my cabin, and behind my cabin was a row of trees with a huge field beyond that. The huge field was surrounded by woods with a little opening in the row of trees maybe 30 feet wide. This opening was right next to my cabin. Every night ended with a huge bon fire. I remember hearing counselors talking about things that happened after everybody went to bed. A couple of counselors saw "somebody" walking around the trails at night. They couldn't catch the person and thought it was one of the campers.
I also remember another day that we had a huge campground wide game of hide and go seek. I remember a counselor went out into the field that was behind our cabin. He went down a trail that was on the other side of the field and chose a spot to hide. I remember this because he was the last person to be found. He was only found because he got spooked by something that was around the trail that he was on and he decided to get out of the woods. I remember the look on that guy's face when he came out of the woods and crossed the field. He was scared and kept looking back at the woods and trail he had just walk out of.
I remember that night at the bon fire, the counselors were getting mad because somebody was throwing pine cones at the whole group around the campfire. They also figured this was a couple of the campers fooling around. I remember later that night after we all went to bed(I.e... we had all gone to our cabins to quiet down and go to bed), I heard my counselor talking about how a few of the other counselors saw something moving in the field behind our cabin during the time that the pine cones were being thrown.
I also remember one night as all of us were laying in our bunks and just kinda talking there was a big wack on the side of the cabin. We all figured it was another counselor telling us to go to bed. But they never did it again, and they never came inside or said a word. They just hit the side of the cabin once.
I never really gave this stuff a second thought since I was maybe 7 or 8 and was told by the counselors that it was other campers. Looking back now after 20 yrs. I would tend to lean towards the fact that there was a bigfoot or two around the area. I think I remember wood knocks as well, but I was told by the counselors that it was somebody either fooling around, or chopping wood.
Personally I cant believe I had forgotten about this stuff, but then again, 20 years will do a lot to a persons memory and it takes a friend to reminisce and get you to remember sometimes.
January 7th, 2007 11:45 AM
monkeychaser Trail running up Mosca Rass above Sand Dunes National Monument (now park?), felt like I was being watched or followed. This was about 10 years ago. Come to find out that there have been sightings near there, Blanca Mountain.
January 7th, 2007 06:14 PM
KBB It's re-assuring to find I am not alone in rationalizing occurences away, in the past.

In spending many days and nights trying to evade human activity, myself, in search of un-pestered trout, and real solitude, I've come to realize how my mind has worked to deny, and even outright suppress, blatant evidence of the Big Feller. In fact, it was the suppression of a scary scream encounter that led to the floodgates eventually being busted wide open.

I had been carrying a sense of knowing 'something' profound for over a year, but couldn't for the life of me recall it. Then one night, on my back patio, on a warm summer night, the memory came flooding back complete with full visual of the scene and the overwhelming sound replaying clearly. My eyes involuntarily gushed, and chills raced across my skin, standing every hair for awhile. I had chills on one side of my body for a good 45 minutes following re-remembering.

When it had originally occured, in the fall of '97, I had no internet, and no way to gain answers to something the 'catalogued' world had to offer. My instincts at the time were to reason 'sasquatch'? But I just couldn't let myself accept the notion, and the very disturbing event became repressed.

Thanks to being subliminally led to BFRO while surfing with a Bigfoot monster truck documentary on tv in the background, I managed to ponder my sense of missing memory and have that experience re-invade my consciousness. Subsequent further research has left me astonished by how much I've encountered over the years yet was able to coveniently write-off and forget thanks to ignorance and naivitee.

I have two friends who pointed out sign to me in the past (a twist-snap, and whooping between several individuals), who - now that I've been awakened - cannot for the life of them recall those instances. I let them off the hook, because I understand all too well their selective, subconscious 'forgetting'. They were asking ME on those occasions what I thought it was. Both times, I didn't know, didn't have an answer, didn't want to sensibly acknowledge what it actually, probably was. Hell, I've had an obvious trackway in the snow pointed out to me in '89, and my mind refused to allow me to acknowledge even that, at the time!

Of course, nowadays, I don't have the luxury of denial(because now I know), although I'm still guarded against jumping to conclusions. And while, when I first became enlightened, I was rather nervous about going to the usual areas; now, I miss the Big Feller when I haven't noticed him (them) around for awhile. Still haven't seen one, though...
January 11th, 2007 12:00 PM
JAdair Since being involved with the BFRO, My wife and I have talked about occurences. I remember several times in my youth, around 15-16 backpacking on some very remote areas in north georgia where we looked at one another hearing a loud wood knock like someone was choping a log one time and wondering if anyone else was around. I remember hiking 5 miles for a cert for a merit badge and camping out hearing what I now believe to be wood knocks. Im sure someone was checking us out.
January 11th, 2007 12:59 PM
emilysdad I don't want to be the devil's advocate here, or to rain on anyone's parade, but I feel the need to interject a small caveat.
While re-analyzing old memories in light of new information is not, in-and-of-itself a problem, it's important to remember that memories fade over time, and our minds have a habit of 'filling in the blanks' with whatever is available. The results may be about as reliable as a bunch of third-graders playing 'Mad Libs' with your brain.
It has been proven how easy it is to implant false memories into people's minds. (How many people have "discovered" through regression therapy, that they as children were abducted by UFOs, or molested by anyone from their father/uncle/teacher to Cap'n Crunch)
Like JAdair was saying about having to re-attach his tongue from having to bite down on it so hard (Way Markers thread). It's fine and dandy to use new information to shed some light on a question or memory that has been bothering you, but just remember it may or may not have actually happened that way.
(Before you start warming up the flame-throwers, I have no doubts that some or all of you have had some very real experiences. I just wanted to interject, and remind you that not every unexplained noise or spooky memory in the woods is necessarily sasquatch-related.)
January 12th, 2007 01:07 AM
KBB While what you remind us of, Emsdad, is true, and very well worth bearing in mind... It is also true that people do ably recollect past events with details as vivid as they are actual, and without being hypnotized. In fact, forgotten/suppressed outstanding events are more often than not, when regained, startlingly dead-on and full of more detail than the ordinary recollection.
That being said, it's also no secret that unexplained noises and spooky memories are not all sasquatch-related.
Fortunately, there's no shortage of information available with which to discern whatever-else something might be besides a sasquatch. For instance, I never really knew where rock stacks I've come across came from. I never drew a connection, let alone sought one. Now, all I know that I didn't before is that they could be cairns, too. And I'll be more able to discern whether it's possibly art. There's apparently multiple potential sources. Next time I come across one, though, I'll have a more complete set of variables to factor in towards solving for "x".
Thanks again for the words of caution, though, Emsdad. Being deceived is one thing, being self-deceived is just no fun for anybody.

January 13th, 2007 11:33 PM
John_P Emilysdad you are correct to remind us that unknowns are still just that, and if they happened in the past the proof is gone. But new information will help the mind connect the old dots and at least come to some rest, which is what I believe humans want in their heads. We all still likely have an ancient need to calculate threat potentials as we live our lives and having an unknown threat causes unease, I think anyway.

My wife reminded me of how agitated I was when I came home from that hike (first post in the thread). My eyes were tearing up as I typed it. Something unique (and potentially dangerous) to my experiences occurred. Infrasound from a BF is a remote possibility but still a real one. Or it could be another unkown and unsettling source of sound. So I consider that threat memory partially solved for now in that I have learned here that there are sounds that disturb the human. And if I hear wood knocking, odd howls or other sounds in the deep wood I will use my knowledge gained here to list BF as a possibility.

Thanks, John