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December 31st, 2007 10:05 PM
Ammi What I need is a program where I can overlap the pics, and see the
There's a free invention idea for a capable soul.....

Thanks ..this is great...
December 31st, 2007 10:07 PM
wildwoman runnah is probably lurking nearby.
anyway... where are we looking in this set of pics? I see an image in one that is cropped in the second. I also think I see Skeletor. :)
December 31st, 2007 10:08 PM
jude Ammi wrote: What I need is a program where I can overlap the pics, and see the
There's a free invention idea for a capable soul.....

That already exists -- it's called layers. A number of people on the board can do it (beaming Vulcan mindmeld to runnah), but it's outside my meager skill set at the moment.
December 31st, 2007 10:10 PM
wildwoman Actually I just did it, didn't like how it looked so I didn't post.
December 31st, 2007 10:14 PM
Ammi It is all just "files" now here jude.... but I do miss them all...

Southman... fried apple pie ... maybe a shake? ...heh heh

You guys are the best...I have programs from hell..dial up... and a computer choked up with a zillion pic files.... heh heh

So glad to see Eric is NOT here... he needs some family time...
December 31st, 2007 10:18 PM
Ammi Oh...common..if you got it..let us all go
December 31st, 2007 10:18 PM
curiousinpa Ive been watching this thread for a while with great interest. take a pic of your dogs.........would love to see them!l (hubby and I do a lot of 'fostering' for rescue I love them all!)

Going to put my two cents in here.

I do believe that we women are less threatening to these creatures. Wait and see, a woman will get the proof of these 'friends in the forest'..... ;)

I dont know how to say this so Im just going to say it.......
Ammi, have you noticed an increase in activity during "that certain time of the month?" Sorry, just very curious as I research the sasq., I am finding that a lot of women that have had encounters were 'in that state' when they had the encounters.

Thanks for your posts tonight. I couldnt get a room near Times Im just here at home waiting for the ball to drop!
Happy New Year!
December 31st, 2007 10:39 PM
Ammi Sure..tie a used tampon to a string and hang it from your belt..BBBWWWWAAAHHHAAAA.... sorry..had to....

Ummm..... I will be honest here....sorry fellas....
The reason i have been home so much..was because I had uterine cancer...
I had a hysterectomy, and had my cervex and one ovary removed also....but they caught it all..and I am free of cancer now.... and over all of the even worst "treatment" side effects also.

Since I have been healed..I have also gone back to school, and gotten certified as a Heavy equipment operator.... which I am currently seeking employment in....
So much for

But hey, LB..was you raggin' when we got zapped? ... I'm wondering
December 31st, 2007 10:43 PM
wildwoman you all will have to wait until my sight returns LOL! right now all the colors are blending together. May switch to the MAC to resume edit. ;)
December 31st, 2007 11:19 PM
Ammi Awwwwwwwwwww... hubby came home from his Mamma's early...with a 12 pack of Icehouse... and a smile....
I think I am going to bring in the new year here for a little while....
Be back in after yep I'm gonna have a few... and then i'll be back on...with bad

January 1st, 2008 12:52 AM
Southman God bless you, Ammi...


January 1st, 2008 01:36 AM
Eric Squatcher Oh sure, Now that I got the kids in bed and come check out all that I've missed- everyones gone for the night. LOL
Seems to have been a busy end to 2007.
Well, I'm officially a year older as of 12:50AM.

Ammi- Thanks for your gift of sharing your experiences and pics, and allowing me into your life. Hope this year is even better! ;)

January 1st, 2008 01:37 AM
dtallman Eric S., Happy Birthday!!
January 1st, 2008 03:04 AM
January 1st, 2008 05:13 AM
Ammi wrote:
LOL...Ok eddie... the kitties....
I had 3 cats..2 grown..1 kitten....
They roamed around my yard, and barn...and kept my mice down...
They avoided my dogs..that were agressive..with great skill...and played with some of the other dogs here...
They also would go into the woods, and stay for days at a time..and I think the BF liked them as well, as they never came back hurt, or even hungry.

One day, one of my agressive dogs, caught up with one of them in the yard, and before I could get to them, he had killed the shaking it.
I was very upset..and yelled at the dog..and ran it out of my yard.... in anger.
I picked up the kitty, and took it and buried it.
The next day, I found that same dog, dead near my back steps.... broken neck.
That was the first dog I lost.
I buried that dog, next to the kitty....

The other 2 kitties were gone the day after that.... have not been back.
They were here the day after the other kitty got killed... as normal.... next shows up dead..other kitties gone... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

That's very interesting, Ammi. If anybody recalls Koko the gorilla (of sign language fame), she had a pet kitten that later died and she related to her trainer that it made her sad that the cat died, or was gone. Coincidence?
January 1st, 2008 09:06 AM
DoryR Happy Birthday Eric!!!!
January 1st, 2008 09:36 AM
wildwoman I remember that, she used to hold and play with the cat, his name was ALL BALL, all of the time!
January 1st, 2008 10:48 AM
Jazzman Hey Ammi,

I can't remember if this has been asked yet but, what other type of wildlife do you have in your area?
January 1st, 2008 11:45 AM
Eric Squatcher Thanks for the well wishes everyone. ;)
I'm not getting older- I'm getting better!
Better at Squatchin' that is! LOL

I don't think we're gonna hear from Ammi for a couple of hours, she got to sleep pretty late. ;)

Jazzman- It has- She had squirrels, past tense. There are some voles and various birds. The neighbors chickens disappeared mysteriously. Check out the previous pages.
January 1st, 2008 12:02 PM
DoryR I would think there are deer and bears there too since she does have a lot of land and my daughter isn't really that far away and she has deer and bears on the acres she has too.
January 1st, 2008 12:16 PM
jemack9852 Happy New Year everyone!! Ammi thanks for the pic and updates.....glad to hear you are feeling better. As for the latest pics, I do see a figure in the first pic and see it again in the second pic. Is this what everyone is seeing? I've cirlced it in red. Cheers!!
January 1st, 2008 12:26 PM
padams happy birthday, Squatchman! Thanks for circling those faces, Jemack...I wasn't seeing anything.
January 1st, 2008 12:56 PM
Kate1980 Happy Birthday Eric!! ;)
January 1st, 2008 01:42 PM
mudzillaefi Well Ammi I see some posts do "get under your skin". thats is truly unfortunate. Debate opens ones eyes to both sides. I haven't questioned your integrity, just whats in front of your lens. Taking photos over your shoulder is apparently appropriate in your situation I guess, but it leaves the door wider open for those of us who truly don't see what you see. For instance, the latest pic, I see the "face" mentioned and circled, yes but it is not IMO a face of a squatch. It didn't move, the camera angle did. it is clearly higher in the second pic. If you shot it over your shoulder, this is why becuase you couldn't focus on the exact same point twice in a row, shooting blindly behind you. Saying that the BF duck and cover when you facing them and raise a camera, implies they have a knowledge of photography and or what gun is? If they do, why is it then that the people in the past who have photographed one, or raised a firearm to shoot ( but didn't) never reported this behavior? I mean watch the "Three best pieces of footage". None of these animals immediately exibited the duck and cover attitude yours seem to. Have you fired a fire arm at them, has anyone ever done so? Do they throw rocks or growl when the camera is lifted while you are facing them? If they truly are territorial, then there should be some form of threat display when they percieve danger. (zapping notwithstanding)

There are tons and tons of road crossing sightings in the US where the creature is simply traveling from point A to point B and doesn't seem to care whether it passes in front of, or behind the car, or camera. Again I don't doubt you see something, just not what you and some of the other members would love it to be. IMHO. Some people spend years hunting these things in obvious areas where they would be expected to live, without so much as a snapped twig found. OK how bout this, record a growl, or any sound of interest and place it on here? I may now be percieved as your "anti-christ". lol But there are always two sides to every story. What I see in the latest pics is tree bark with a small limb over this dark portion of the tree truck. I am simply trying to add that some people dig, they decide they're opinions on things after questioning and trying to use logical explainations for what couod or could not be fanciful information. This is how some people analyze data and or evidence. BF is defintiely a subject where "the blind leading the blind" could apply. Being one of the blind myself, I ask questions to enlighten myself. But make no mistake, I have not seen a single post, from enquisitive people, forgetting about the rude ones, that indicated any of the members on this forum are not intellegent. As a matter of fact, I have personnaly learned a lot from people like Eric, Lou Bod, FSF, JEMACK, Ammi, etc. You are all obviously very bright as your posts atest. If I were alone in my thinking, I would have sincerely dropped this line of questioning days ago. But I am not. There seems to be just as many who don't see anything than there are that say they do. So the playing field is equal. I personally believe in constants and absolutes. I do believe in BF, am also not so nieve as to believe they are all alike, this I concede. But as this is a forum, anyone who posts info on here must know outsiders can read it? People who don't believe what we do. Thats is where the frustartion comes in. Where there is ridicule from non-believers. Someone posted on here about the South American Indian tribe that was recently discovered in the Amazon. I saw the film clips, they were shooting blow guns at the chopper. But, either way, there is now concrete proof that there is an undiscovered tribe. BF has been around just as long, we still don't have concrete proof he exists. Until we do, the hoaxes will continue, so will the naysaying. I can't help but think of the lady in Kentucky or Tenn, who claimed on the one program, Bigfootville, thats she had frequent and regular contact with Garlic eating BF and had all her life, yet could not produce any solid evidence. I watched this show with my friend who laughed so hard over what he called the kooky lady, that he had alligator tears in his eyes. This and only this, is what makes some of us question the info that is presented to us.
January 1st, 2008 01:49 PM
Ammi wrote:
Oh...common..if you got it..let us all go

what I promised last night before I went blind:)

Have fun!
January 1st, 2008 01:53 PM
paulm Hey mudzillaefi,

Is there any picture where you saw anything at all? Personally, there were one or two where I could see something of interest.
January 1st, 2008 01:57 PM
mudzillaefi I saw "dark things, but I honestly could not see what anyone else did. I still see sticks and stems.
January 1st, 2008 02:13 PM
paulm My personal favorite is this one:

Nothing conclusive, but the "head" at the top of the picture is the most intruiging thing that I have seen.

January 1st, 2008 02:17 PM
DoryR same here with me as with midzillaefi. I haven't seen anything in any of the photos that could even look close to being a BF. Sorry. And that one of the "auburn" one... looks like an old rag or an old shirt hung onto a branch.
and the one photo of a "face" ... I feel sorry for that BF because he/she has a branch growing through it's head.
I just don't see it. :( Sorry
January 1st, 2008 02:18 PM
DoryR Sorry I spelled your name wrong Mudzillaefi... I was up too late last night. LOL
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