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Topie: Bigfoot diet
December 28th, 2010 04:52 PM
Lepton1 I ran across the following article:

"Neanderthals cooked and ate vegetables"

The author quotes a Professor Brooks as saying, "We've tended to assume that if you have a very high value for protein in the diet that must come from meat. But... it's possible that some of the protein in their diet was coming from plants," she said.

I think teeth would tell more of a story regarding diet, and with flattish surfaced molars it seems diet should be predominantly fibrous plant food (grains, bark, and rhizomes). High calorie value fibrous food. I would also think that bigfoot also has a similar diet.

It has been proposed that bigfoot is really Gigantopithicus, and one look at the set of teeth here:

... would seem to show a predominantly high fiber diet, not a primarily carnivorous diet. Bigfoot sighting reports would seem to confirm this, I remember one in particular when a bigfoot was observed washing roots in water and stacking them on the bank. Still having issues trying to use the Google search feature on the sightings reports, so perhaps someone might be able to find that reference.

I know in other sites there has been discussion of the impossibility of the montane environment to support the calorie intake requirements of such a large animal/hominae. One person even postulated that it would require 20 hours a day for a bigfoot to eat enough to survive! I think high calorie plant starches would be a fundamental part of their diet.

Recently a documentary was talking about the body of a bear, how it is built like a "digging machine" with prominent shoulder muscles. Comparing their graphic of the anatomy of a bear to drawings from those who have seen bigfoot, it is evident that powerful shoulders, hands, and arms are ideal for digging.

I think we should be aware of digging sites, or evidence of root harvesting as we search.
December 28th, 2010 04:56 PM
Bavarian Raven thanks for posting this neanderthal link, i haadnt seen it yet :)
as for big's diet, i would say it would be like that of a black bear (80-85% plant based, 10% scavenged meats and the such, and 5% or so hunting) imo.