Can I add HTML to my messages?

Depending on what settings the board administrator you may or may not use html.

What are Private Messages(PM)?

Private messages can be used to send messages to other registered members of the board. To check your messages, log in to Private Messages through the link on the main page. Once there you can also send messages. It's also possible to send a message by clicking on the PM link which comes with each post. Your messages will be stored for 30 days.

What are community leaders?

They are users in charge of the boards. They can delete message, change settings etc.

How can I change my profile?

Use the My Account link found on top of the board pages.

Can I edit or delete my own posts?

you can edit your own posts but you cannot delete them. only the site mods and admin can delete your posts

Is it possible to search the boards?

There is a search function on the button bar at the top of the page.

What do I do if I lose my username and/or password?

Click here

What are archives?

The archives contain older messages. After a forum reaches 150 topics, the last 50 are moved to an archive.

Novocode AKA BB code




[url=http:/insert url here/]displayed text[*/url]

[img]insert the image link here[*/img]

[color=Blue][size=30]you can change the colour and size of text too[*/size][*/color]

IN EACH CASE remove the * next to the / in the end tag.