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I'm sorry but you have to put chapin before this "nick Tuck" kid


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Here is a list of guys and gals who run track or have run track and achieved 1st team All Met, 2nd team, or honorable mention this past fall.

William Yougnia WM, Soccer - HM
Margaret Purce GC, Soccer - All Met POY
Hannah Levin BCC, Soccer - 1st team
Jenna Cantor CHS, Soccer - 2nd Team
Jordyn Brock GC, Soccer - HM
Courtney Mason, Dam, Soccer - HM
Aliza Wolfe, WW, Soccer, - HM
Mark Green QO, Football - 1st
Ryan Watson GC, Football - 1st
Zach Bradshaw Dam, Football - 2nd
Dorian O'Daniel GC, Football - 1st
Stefon Diggs GC, Football - POY
Marcus Newby QO, Football, 2nd
Simba Gwashavanhu GBurg, Football, 2nd
Billy Brown Gburg, Football, 1st
Matt Callahan NW, Football, HM
Kendall Fuller GC, Football, 1st
Nadim Elhage CHS, Football, HM
Darnell Leslie QO, Football, Hm
Alex Holston Sherwood, Volleyball POY
Udeme Akpaete SB, Field Hockey HM
Grace Reingruer BCC, Field Hockey, HM

Elhage, Holston and Akpaete have won an individual state title in track and Watson won the WCAC title in the shot in 09.

If I forgot someone my apologies.

kp will hyperlink the names to the athlete profiles later on right?

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